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  1. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Need help for Minecraft RP

    I and my partner DracoDxl are planning on creating a Minecraft RP called Chains of Corruption. This series will follow a boy as he tries to get revenge on a killer who has taken the life of his father. This is a large project and we need all the help we can get. We're accepting people who...
  2. Heizenblog

    Minecraft - Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Episode 04 of this lets play series is now available, check it out and let me know what you think.
  3. Vimiks

    Grow Your Minecraft Youtube Channel FAST

    Yo guys! My name is Vimiks and I’m going to be teaching you how to grow your channel and create a community quickly of 1,000 or more viewers. In this forum post, I’ll be leaving notes from the video about converting the server player base to subscribers, establishing your dominance as the main...
  4. DePhil


    Hei guys, my name is Phil and i"m 17 years old. I want to start a small community of minecraft(pc) youtubers who record videos together we can create a discord messing around and play some nice gameplays. if someone wants this as well please tell me about this. btw i have 250+ subs. sincerly Phil
  5. Optimisticshyguy


    For those who don't know what a Minecraft Rp is, think of it as a Minecraft tv show. I need voice actors for a series called The Chains of Corruption. If you want an example of the quality you'd be working with search Optimisticshyguy and click on the second most recent video. If you're...
  6. CosmicRH

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with that has a MC Channel with 100+ subs (Hypixel)

    I just have been looking for someone to collaborate with that does Minecraft content NOTE: I am only doing videos on the hypixel server (Maybe Mineplex), and NO if you have a cracked MC account I will not collab Im also trying to see if you have good quality (Must be above 720p 50+)
  7. CubiCraft

    Minecraft: Lets build a wicked looking small lion

    Hello guys, today tutorial will teach you how to build a lion on a stand in 3 different styles which you can apply in virtually any kind of build. Easy and really fast (you'll have it in 6 minutes) Enjoy :)
  8. CubiCraft

    For the minecrafters out there

    Here it is. The first part of the steampunk trade ship tutorial. Have a look if you want a cool looking weaponized steampunk styie trade ship on your map. Its a two part tutorial. The second part will be online on feb 20th. (still struggling a bit with the facecam, but its getting better) :-)...
  9. CubiCraft

    Our newest tutorial for all you minecraft lovers

    What is up everyone. Here's our latest minecraft tutorial. Hope you guys like it :) Next tutorial we will be building: A steampunk inspired trade ship. Publish date for part one on Wed Feb 15 2017 Publish date for part two on Mon Feb 20 2017 9PM GMT - 4PM EST - 3PM CST Enjoy guys :)
  10. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Minecraft Roleplay Behind the scenes work!

    I'm looking for someone people to body act and do camera work for my roleplay. This would be an often thing and I would love for more people to join me for this team. To attract some interest here's what the roleplay is about. Basically there are 5 races. Wielders of Water, Earth, Fire...
  11. Dark2W

    Episode 1 Of Minecraft SMP!

    Go check out my channel, I uploaded the first of many episodes! I hope you guys enjoy :3
  12. Vimiks

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations

    Hello everyone, I am hosting a collab series for minecraft mini games on the hive or mineplex. I am open to other ideas if you bring them to the table. My channel is gaining around 4-6 subscribers a day and I am looking for people with similar analytics. Subscriber Count: 250+ Views Per Video...
  13. K

    Gaming Mcpe Collab

    YT - KTC - MINECRAFT & MORE For More Info
  14. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Minecraft Modded Survival

    I am here to find 1 or 2 people willing to partake in my Nintendo Wars modded survival series coming this Thursday or Friday. This series is going to involve three main mod types. Magic,RPG,and Technology. Depending on which Nintendo Franchise you chose you can only use and progress with certain...
  15. SeanFace101

    Minecraft Gaming: Jak & Makenzie (Xbox One Edition)

    Jak and Makenzie Minecraft Gaming on the Xbox One Edition Jak Quinn and Makenzie again playing Minecraft on the Xbox One. This is on Jak's Xbox One games console again and it is also Jak's Minecraft game. They are using Makenzie's Xbox One controller.
  16. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Minecraft Role-play Series

    I am looking for a person, boy or girl, who would like to take part in a role-play Minecraft series with voice/body acting. I have been planning one for quite a while now and complication rose up enabling me to need one more person now. I would prefer if you had these qualities about. Is 14 or...
  17. Nirushan

    Gaming Minecraft Gaming Group

    I'm from the U.K, I have 260 Subs atm, i look forward to help the group out So far I have one member I'm looking for around 3-4 people. I have just turned 16, and my exams are over Also can you give me feedback on what to improve on my channel, i will help other people out also :D Skype:Novatrixz
  18. Itz Bishwas

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations on PC - (Any Game mode)

    Hey my channel name is Itz Bishwas and I am a Minecraft Gaming Channel. I am looking for someone to make videos with often, and we could do any type of game mode. You must have Skype with good internet connections and a Minecraft account as well (duh...).
  19. D

    review my new YouTube channel

    hey i started my channel a while ago and recently decided to start again, i decorated it but have not made any new videos. tell me if it looks good. also subscribe if you like what you see!
  20. BrickFireGaming

    Gaming YupForce - Youtube Gaming Group!

    Introduction Hello all of you gamers! This is Brick here, and I am here to talk to you about a Youtube Gaming Group I am creating. Although my gaming channel only has about 10 subscribers, I still believe my newer videos are high quality. If you do not like joining small channel groups...
  21. C


    Hey Everyone, It is me DatCustomName and I just want to announce that I have reached 1k subs on my channel! - Custom
  22. Ramcast Productions

    Animation Help me animators you're my only hope.

    Hi! My channel (RAMCAST) makes an original series using minecraft and I am looking for an animator 2d or 3D to animate the show. You'll be paid and if you're interested I will leave a link to the show so you can check it out and see if it's something you want to do. Thank you! (it won't let me...
  23. MuterOfMinds

    Gaming Anyone for a collab ;)

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Minecraft collaboration, you would need a decent mic. and a PC that can run minecraft well. :)
  24. O

    A MInecraft Channel Really? Yup

    Just wanted to let anyone know that I of course got a channel and want to get it out there so here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiztBbK1d1ETUA57V5abB9Q I just do minecraft and other indie like games so if you have some spare time please do check it out.