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Hello everyone, I am hosting a collab series for minecraft mini games on the hive or mineplex. I am open to other ideas if you bring them to the table.

My channel is gaining around 4-6 subscribers a day and I am looking for people with similar analytics.
Subscriber Count: 250+
Views Per Video: 30+
Mic Quality: Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, Audio Technica, no poor mic quality
Skype: Yes, add me at phoenixbro12345 for serious inquires only
Age: 14+
Recording software: Must be 720p and must be able to record Skype audio.
Custom Thumbnails: Yes.
Sounds like you're heading in the right direction! Love minecraft don't have a pc though. Would love to see your work though :)
hey i have 20 subs but i would like to break 100 by new yeas and need someone to help me with that if your interested Skype: Daed Pierson