minecraft collab

  1. SamMcYT

    Gaming Looking for maybe a minecraft collab or even mabye a group!

    Hi my name is SamMc and Im looking to do a minecraft collab or even mabye start a group to play minecrat! If you wanna collab or even make a group my discord user is: SamMC#2110 Age:13-15 (Im 13) Subs: I Don't really care how many just wanna have fun and make content. My channel: SamMc With my...
  2. T

    Gaming Minecraft collab with a 1k+ Subs youtuber

    Hey fellas, I’m a really small YT channel with only a few subs. So I’m wondering if anyone with around 1k subs (or more) wants to collab? Or even better if anyone has a good vanilla smp similar to Hermitcraft to join that would be tons of fun. I’m a good builder and I have a few video ideas but...
  3. LemonJoosh

    Gaming LemonLands! - The Collaborative Minecraft Java Server!

    Hey all you new recruits/potential lemons! Are you looking for a Minecraft Gaming Group? Look no further! Welcome to LemonLands! LemonLands is a Minecraft Java server run by the popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber: LemonJoosh! LemonLands is a 'HermitCraft' type server where players are in...
  4. KroniclePlayz

    Gaming PS4 Minecraft Let's Play/Series? And/or A Gaming Group?

    I'm looking for a PS4 player or players who wants to do a Minecraft Let's Play/Series! All the rules are below. This could possibly be a gaming group of some kind and/or a YouTube friend group and we could make a dedicated channel on our group! RULES Please link your channel and talk about...
  5. Joshwarrior

    Gaming Looking For Minecraft SMP Members! URGENT REQUEST!

    Hey fellow Minecraft PC players! My name is Josh (otherwise known as Joshwarrior). I make gaming YouTube videos that are incredibly funny and high quality. I am looking for around 20 people to join me in a Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer) series which will be uploaded / livestreamed to...
  6. MG001

    Gaming Looking for gaming youtubers to collab with (250+ Subscribers) (Any Age) (I record mostly Minecraft)

    So basically I record gaming videos and sometimes vlogs but mainly gaming and my preferred games are Minecraft and Roblox. Also, you need to have at least 250 subscribers to collab with me! Any age can collab with me!
  7. KevinDoesGaming

    Gaming [Hypixel Skywars Collab]

    Hello! I would like to make a collaboration at some point with a minecraft YouTuber that has 100 or more subscribers. If hypixel skywars doesn't fancy you we could possibly agree on something that suits the both of us! You will need 100 or more subscribers, people that actively view your...
  8. DePhil


    Dear Community, my name is Phil I'm 17 years old and I'm looking for record buddy now. I need one to record some minecraft vids right now. Do you have time? Add me on discord and we can record minecraft(pc) now. Discord: DePhil#9734 Sincerely, Phil | DePhil
  9. DePhil


    Hei guys, my name is Phil and i"m 17 years old. I want to start a small community of minecraft(pc) youtubers who record videos together we can create a discord messing around and play some nice gameplays. if someone wants this as well please tell me about this. btw i have 250+ subs. sincerly Phil
  10. DaftsquadJosh

    Gaming Looking For English Gamers To Join YouTube Group

    PC AND PS4. im not a racist just need english speaking people. playing minecraft, gta 5, gmod. MUST HAVE: recording software/capture card, professional editing software (sony vegas/premiere pro or whatever something like that fool!), BE FUNNY. loyal, discord. Register in comments like dis...
  11. I_Targ3t4Dayz

    Gaming Minecraft Skywars Collab

    Hi, My name is Zach I am a small YouTube channel with about 80 subs. If you take interest in making a video with me on Hypixel sky wars here are some requirements. Must be 10+ Must have 60+ subs Must have a discord If you meet this very low requirement list then my discord is: Targ3t#7471
  12. TheMiningBrothers

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborator

    Hey, I am an extremely small YouTuber (2 subs on 5/24/17) and I was going to ask some people if they would like to collaborate with me. The requirements: Must have Minecraft PC Edition for more than 6 months Must have Skype (Not Discord since it B.S.O.D.'s my laptop) Must have at least 3 subs...
  13. CosmicRH

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with that has a MC Channel with 100+ subs (Hypixel)

    I just have been looking for someone to collaborate with that does Minecraft content NOTE: I am only doing videos on the hypixel server (Maybe Mineplex), and NO if you have a cracked MC account I will not collab Im also trying to see if you have good quality (Must be above 720p 50+)
  14. S

    Gaming Looking for some people to collab

    Hello I'm the SSJknight and I was looking for people to collab with I have CSGO and Minecraft If you are interested in collabing with me skype me up on discord or skype but I usually go on discord discord: SSJknight✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#3732 skype: SSJknight
  15. BleachRox

    Gaming Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Collab

    Hello I'm BleachRox I have had previous experience but I am starting a new youtube account. I am hoping to grow my channel as well as yours with a series that consists of 4 people. In the series we will be doing vanilla 4 people miningames that were created by yours truly...me. The recordings...
  16. The Insane Reaver


    Today BlackLightning and I let our craziness run WILD again, and then we found a player that that just needed us to be "in their face"! Hope you guys enjoy and have a GREAT week my dudes and dudettes! XD
  17. The Insane Reaver


    Yeah, I just don't know anymore! We trolled each other, and HILARITY ensued! Have a GREAT week and keep it CRAZY everybody!
  18. The Insane Reaver

    Minecraft Funny Moments and Bonus Clips With BlackLightning LSC!!

    Some of the Funny Moments that BlackLightning LSC and I had after we cut our CRAZY outro! Hope you guys enjoy the Minecraft MADNESS! Keep it CRAZY and have a GREAT week guys!
  19. BloodyDude

    Gaming Minecraft and some other games Collbarotations?

    Looking For Minecraft Collaborations.. Requirements: Age: 13+ Subscribers: No Subscribers Count. Because everyone have to start. Be Active. If You are Good Enough. Maybe We Can be Partners.
  20. The Insane Reaver

    REAVER AND THE RHINO ORGY (FT. BlackLightning LSC) | Minecraft - Hunger Games and Tumble

    Today I got to participate in my first Collaboration... and it couldn't have gone ANY better!! We explored his maps and then we went into PvP and people started joining into the madness! Hope you guys enjoy, and here's a hint. It's not an actual rhino orgy, just a joke we made about the skin...
  21. Jaise

    Gaming [Closed] Cast and Crew Needed for MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY SERIES

    Introduction: We at TIGTV Productions are working on two new Minecraft roleplay series. One based on the Harry Potter books, films, and games, and the second an original idea called "Myth: War of the Gods". Leave your application down below for what you'd like to do out of all of these, and if...
  22. Dark2W

    Episode 1 Of Minecraft SMP!

    Go check out my channel, I uploaded the first of many episodes! I hope you guys enjoy :3
  23. Vimiks

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations

    Hello everyone, I am hosting a collab series for minecraft mini games on the hive or mineplex. I am open to other ideas if you bring them to the table. My channel is gaining around 4-6 subscribers a day and I am looking for people with similar analytics. Subscriber Count: 250+ Views Per Video...
  24. Carnomond

    Gaming Minecraft Expert Mode Collab

    Yes, yes I know, Minecraft does not have an expert mode. But Logdotzip made a command block that creates an expert mode in your world. I have already started a series with this but it would really make the series more interesting if i had a second person doing this. So I need someone who can...
  25. I

    Gaming Minecraft Collab

    Hi Im the Ironbatz with 850 subs and I wanted to know if anyone would like to collab with me in like a server like a faction server, or in general something like skywars, blitz, and you must have more than 500 subs and good quality mic,
  26. S

    Gaming Minecraft collab

    i'm looking for a minecraft youtuber to collab with me. Requirements: Need to have skype Need to have a mic Need to have the game Need to be 14yrs old or over! Gonna be playing on factions server!
  27. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Minecraft Role-play Series

    I am looking for a person, boy or girl, who would like to take part in a role-play Minecraft series with voice/body acting. I have been planning one for quite a while now and complication rose up enabling me to need one more person now. I would prefer if you had these qualities about. Is 14 or...
  28. C

    Gaming Youtube US Minecraft/CSGO Collab Looking for friends :D

    Hey my name is Callidrak and I'm 16 years old, and I just started a Youtube gaming channel, I try very hard to produce good content and don't worry, I value everyone that would want to make a video with me, I do Minecraft Prison, on OPMines I have high rank so that might be good, I can also do...
  29. FallenAutumnGaming

    Gaming Minecraft Factions (Looking for group to collab with!)

    Hey, dudes! What's going on, my name is FallenAutumn, but you can call me Justin/Fallen. I am looking for a group of 3-4 people to join me in an interactive Minecraft let's play. You will get to chose what server we play on, I'd prefer a server that isn't too big, but isn't too small, either...
  30. Z

    Gaming Looking for PC or xbox 360 YouTuber to collab. Between 5-30 Subscribers.

    Hey everyone, my name is ZNRO (pronounced as zenero), I am a gaming YouTuber with 14 subs, but i had previous channels that had subs up to 300 subs. Anyways, im looking for ANY gaming YouTuber that has subscribers between 5-50 subs. Obviously if you have more you can collab too but i doubt you...