minecraft collaboration

  1. KroniclePlayz

    Gaming PS4 Minecraft Let's Play/Series? And/or A Gaming Group?

    I'm looking for a PS4 player or players who wants to do a Minecraft Let's Play/Series! All the rules are below. This could possibly be a gaming group of some kind and/or a YouTube friend group and we could make a dedicated channel on our group! RULES Please link your channel and talk about...
  2. CosmicRH

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with that has a MC Channel with 100+ subs (Hypixel)

    I just have been looking for someone to collaborate with that does Minecraft content NOTE: I am only doing videos on the hypixel server (Maybe Mineplex), and NO if you have a cracked MC account I will not collab Im also trying to see if you have good quality (Must be above 720p 50+)
  3. S

    Gaming Looking for some people to collab

    Hello I'm the SSJknight and I was looking for people to collab with I have CSGO and Minecraft If you are interested in collabing with me skype me up on discord or skype but I usually go on discord discord: SSJknight✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#3732 skype: SSJknight
  4. BloodyDude

    Gaming Minecraft and some other games Collbarotations?

    Looking For Minecraft Collaborations.. Requirements: Age: 13+ Subscribers: No Subscribers Count. Because everyone have to start. Be Active. If You are Good Enough. Maybe We Can be Partners.
  5. Vimiks

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations

    Hello everyone, I am hosting a collab series for minecraft mini games on the hive or mineplex. I am open to other ideas if you bring them to the table. My channel is gaining around 4-6 subscribers a day and I am looking for people with similar analytics. Subscriber Count: 250+ Views Per Video...
  6. MHawk123

    Gaming LOOKING FOR PS4 COLAB!!! HMU!!!

    Hi, I am MHawk123, I'm looking for someone to colab on either GTAV, BO3, Minecraft, or 7 Days To die. Requirements: -13+ -Decent Mic -(sub count doesn't matter to me) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, HMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. C

    Gaming Youtube US Minecraft/CSGO Collab Looking for friends :D

    Hey my name is Callidrak and I'm 16 years old, and I just started a Youtube gaming channel, I try very hard to produce good content and don't worry, I value everyone that would want to make a video with me, I do Minecraft Prison, on OPMines I have high rank so that might be good, I can also do...
  8. Itz Bishwas

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collab (13 age plus) upload consistent

    Hey looking for a collab possibly female, we can make any minecraft related videos. You have to be 13 plus age and be willing to record and upload consistently. Plus you must have 30 subs plus. My channel: itz bishwas
  9. Itz Bishwas

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations on PC - (Any Game mode)

    Hey my channel name is Itz Bishwas and I am a Minecraft Gaming Channel. I am looking for someone to make videos with often, and we could do any type of game mode. You must have Skype with good internet connections and a Minecraft account as well (duh...).
  10. P

    Gaming Looking for 1-3 people to play my modded server

    so people need to be family friendly have forge 1.8.9 cracked or official if you are interested post a comment i want to make it into a series but you don't need to log on 24/7 just like whenever you want also if you have a cracked version of minecraft that will work too and therefor you can...
  11. S

    Gaming Minecraft Collaboration (SMP and more!) :D

    I was wondering if anyone was up for a minecraft collaboration. I currently own a SMP and am trying to get some more people to join. If you are not up to join a SMP, maybe we could record a survival games or something related. You will need to have HD content (720p) with no in game lag. A good...
  12. Gamestons

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hey everyone I would love to tell you if you want to collaborate with me , I have a PS4 and PC but mostly I play PS4. My PS4 games are FIFA 16 , ROCKET LEAGUE , CALL OF DUTY BO3 and GTA. My PC games are MINECRAFT , GMOD and CSGO I would love to record funny moments so comment if you would like...
  13. Justin Beast

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Server Collab!

    Hello there! My name is BabyAsriel, and I am starting a new Minecraft survival multiplayer server! With this server, I am planning on creating opportunities for collaborations and YouTubers to grow their audiences together. Together plays a big role in this, as it's going to be a server with...
  14. EvoShieldGaming

    Gaming YouTube Gaming PC Collaborations

    Hey Guys/Girls! I'm a small youtuber looking for some other youtubers (Around my size or higher by subscriber count) that are interested in playing some games with me and maybe recording some to. I play Minecraft, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, CS:GO, and much more! Let me know if you are interested...
  15. I

    Gaming Looking For A Collab Partner

    Hey, i am a 13 year old graphics designer. I have 100 Subs, but i figured that i needed a collab partner to expand my audience a little and of course expend his/hers. I would prefer a Minecraft gamer as thats what i do and maybe i can even hook you up with some graphics :). Please leave your...
  16. O

    Gaming looking for a pc/xbox one collaboration partner(s)

    hey everyone that sees this i have been posting a lot but I want another person to have more fun. Pc i will be doing Minecraft GMOD and mostly anything just ask me Xbox- I am mostly gonna focus on call of duty most fps and possible smite and more msg back if interested
  17. E

    Gaming Minecraft Survival Teams

    I am trying to get around 9 people to do a team deathmatch survival kind of thing on Minecraft. If you want to join or have any questions contact me on skype or on here. Requirements are you must have skype, must be inbetween 12-18 (I am 13), must have Minecraft (duh), and you can have any...