Gaming Minecraft Roleplay Behind the scenes work!

I'm looking for someone people to body act and do camera work for my roleplay. This would be an often thing and I would love for more people to join me for this team. To attract some interest here's what the roleplay is about. Basically there are 5 races. Wielders of Water, Earth, Fire, lightning and Celestial power. In this universe you cannot go all avatar and control all of these powers. In fact it is forbidden. The story begins with my character protecting the world from the leader of the lightning kingdom who wants to steal the powers from every person who has them and wants to pretty much break the universe so they can become God.
Each of these races have a god they get their powers from as well. Since the power of a god is too much for human bodies to handle they need power catalysts which is how people can steal the powers from others. Having more than one catalyst gives you incredible power.

Requirements: Must be 14+ and be a hard worker :)