When Would You Consider Monetization?

Do You Monetize Your Work?

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    Votes: 13 65.0%
  • No

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  • Thought about / Thinking about it

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • I would never consider it

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I've Got It
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get a gauge from a bunch of you as to when you would all consider monetizing your channel? I recognize that I'm nowhere near the point of considering monetization but I'm curious as to when some of you peeps did.

Do you already monetize your work? If so, at what point did you start? Was it worth it for you? Are you actively considering monetizing your work? Where is your channel now, that is making you consider this action?

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts! And don't bring a single "It shouldn't be about the money" comment here! To those people I say; you're right, but that's not what I'm asking :p
I am nowhere near that point yet :) But i guess i would do it around 10k subs or 20k views monthly :)
I've heard it's good to start early to collect the pennies cause they'll add up over time.
But for me I'd rather wait until I at least 1K Subs. That way they know I'll keep producing good quality content and then also know that any money the channel makes will just go straight back into the channel. Although I couldn't imagine a channel making much unless it's about 10-15K subs these days. But it doesn't hurt to start early either I suppose. =]
i'll probably start monetising my content as soon as i reach the view cap (10.000, i believe??). i see no reason not to generate some income, however small, from something i do for fun.

it feels like the opposite of the mary poppins song: "in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun". my element of fun could become a technical job.. how wild.
I was invited to the Partner Program with my main channel back in 2010. At that point in time, a direct invitation from YouTube Admin was the only way in. I've been monetizing everything on that channel ever since that day.
Started 7 months ago. Monetized right off the bat. I'm at 500 subs 90k views. About $9 bucks away from reaching that $100 dollar threshold. Its gonna feel good to get paid for the work even if its such a small amount over time =P. I thought it would be years before I hit the threshold but a couple of my vids raked in 20k+ views.
I would monetize as soon as I reached 10k views.

I'm already monetized. I did so when one of my videos started getting a bunch of daily views suddenly and my subscribers started climbing rapidly as a result. I realized that all those views could be earning me money. It was definitely worth it. I got $1,000 that first month from it. It went down pretty quickly after that, though, but never below $200 per month.
I started with it in January, but not for every video.
I would have done my videos anyway and monetized them just to see where this is going to in first place :D
Many people say you should wait until you have a solid base of viewers, others say you should do it from the beginning so people are used to it... hard to say what's right and what's not
It's interesting how split it seems to be. I also assumed it would be best to wait because it seems like monetizing your channel too early can kill a bunch of your audience retention. I had my vids monetized when I first started uploading but eventually stopped and noticed an immediate jump in retention.
Well, I wouldn't watch a video from a channel with few hundred subs if there would be any sort of advertisement on it. I don't mind watching ads on videos from channels that have 1 mil subs, because I know that after that I will watch good quality content.
So when to start, well if you are getting lots of views, lets say 100k per months but have only few thousand subs you could start monetizing your video, you might lose few subscribers but it will be worth it because you will have small income.

If you have few thousand subs and you get about less than 50-80k views per months, with new channel your CPM will be very low, so if you are lucky you will get about 20$ per month, however you will lose subscribers and less users will sub to your account because they will be annoyed by advertisement. In short 20$ is not worth it.

If you have low daily views then wait until you have at least 10k subs or wait until you have 100k + views per month and then monetize if don't want your channel grows to stop or slow down due to ads on your videos.