1. O

    Seeking US YouTube creators. Help us research how content creators manage finance!

    Hey guys, My company is now working on crating fintech app tailored for content creators, aiming to improve creators’ financial stability, and make managing YouTube earnings more convenient than ever before. I am looking to invite Youtube creators for an interview, or simply just a talk. I...
  2. J

    [IGNORE - SOLVED] Techinical issue while trying to get monetised

    Hi everyone, I recently passed 1k subs so am ready to apply for monetisation. According to this guide - I should see a "Start" button, but I don't have it. I think the problem is that even though I turned on 2 step authentication, it...
  3. F

    Get 1000 subcribers for FREE

    Title says it all, I will add 1000 genuine subscribers to any new YT channel and all I ask for in return is feedback about my service on some forums. Anyone interested, send me a pm!
  4. V

    Football history video

    Hello everyone, I’d like to create a channel about football’s history and make videos that talk about some of the most important moments in the history of the sport. Of course I would have to use some TV content, edited and organise to fit my narrative. Do you think I would be able to monetise...
  5. H

    Supercharge your with utubehits

    Hi, creator are you wondering for how to glow your channel please to get audience on YouTube is not acedent you have to use some trusted company to boost it so I recommend you app called utubehits Or website, you will return good...
  6. J

    Channel Demonetized Will I Still Get Adsense

    Hello Everyone! I hope you can help me with this issue. I am new to youtube. For my first month I had been seeing my revenue from Feb 1- Feb 28 on youtube analytics but I had seen no daily updates etc on google adsense I did pass my threshold early in the month. On March 4 I got...
  7. Curtym23

    Services 4000 hours of watch-time in just 1 week

    Hello everyone ! Do you want to reach 4000 hours of viewing quickly? You are in the right place. I can provide 4000 hours of viewing in just 1 week! The price for 4000 hours of viewing is $35. Here are the different prices: - 1,000 hours: $20 - 2,000h: $25 - 3,000h: $30 - 4,000h: $35 For more...
  8. B

    Grow your channel

    1. ✅Focus one specific Niche Inorder to reach as many people as possible. To get the most searched terms in the niche you want to target, Do your research on the popular niches people search for on a regular basis. 2. ✅Get on the YouTube Partner Program Regular You Focus on one specific Niche...
  9. C


    Hi , I make 1200 hours of public views on my youtube channel this month, but in the earning money panel, the public views hours doesn't update, I have 1900 and now as you see in the photo, 2071, but needs to appear 3000 hours, because I make 1200 hours of public views( 1900+1200 = 3100...) ...
  10. T

    I got approved to join the YouTube Partner Programme but my channel is under review

    Hi All, I have received the below mail from YouTube stating this "Congratulations – you've been approved to join the YouTube Partner Programme!" & another mail to enable the monetization "Apply for monetization". When I checked the Monetization page in my channel its showing as still under...
  11. M

    Can i get Monetisation

    Hi, i am new to youtube. I have doubt to clear. Am palnning to start two more channels under my single google account with different presenters. Can i get monetisation approval
  12. S

    Wondering if my channel will be monetised or not?

    With 1200 subs and 270,000 hours watch time, my channel is under review for monetization. Just wondering if it will be monetized or not. My channel Url:
  13. J

    sign up for google adsense stuck at "in progress"

    i was about to create a google adsense account for my channel. ive passed everything including the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. When i click on the monetization tab on the left panel it brings out this 3 steps. ive completed the first step which is the review partner program terms and it...
  14. P

    Need help with monetizing

    Hi, me and my girlfriend have almost 2500 subscribers yet only 85 watch hours. Our goal is to be monetized but we are struggling to get viewers. Any suggestions to increase watch time fast
  15. M

    Monetizable content

    Hi, guys! I have a youtube channel based on football ( Top 10 Goals by Cristiano Ronaldo and stuff like that) and I no longer receive money on those videos because youtube said I don't have rights for that. So my channel is not on a good standing for receiving money. I don't know what videos...
  16. V

    Monetization of data visualization videos

    Is youtube allows to monetize videos, which contains public data visualized in interactive charts created in After Effects? For example, videos like this ( this is not my channel, just video as an example)
  17. SoSuperLoud

    Brand watch time based off...

    Does the brand account ability to have videos monetized, base it's watch time off of your main channel account? Example: My current channel is able to monetize videos and meets the requirements. I want to branch off with something in a different niche, so I create the brand channel. Can I...
  18. T

    Email and chat option

    Hello, I've got my monetization enabled just today before few hours but I didnt get "email" and "chat" option to youtube support team. When will I get it? Can somebody tell me about this?
  19. GrannyGamer

    Just hit my 1000 subs, 6404 watch hours in 6 months!!!!!

    Hey guys, time for a brag :dance: I just hit my 1000 subs and had already reached my watch hours a couple of months ago.My first video was published on 3rd January this year so I managed to achieve this in just over 6 months and I'm super happy right now. My channel has automatically gone into a...
  20. ProfessorShroom

    Your monetisation tab has been disabled.

    In April I decided to cancel my AdSense account as it was using an old email I hadn't used in years and created a new one with my current domain that I use for my YouTube account. This was a mistake. As soon as I tried to link the new AdSense account it disabled my monetisation and now in my...
  21. FrostedGH

    Hot Topic Demonetization / "under review" (**DISCUSSION HERE ONLY**)

    On one of my more recent videos, a video which contained only an original song which I created was deemed "Not suitable for all advertisers" just as literally every single upload that I've done recently has gone through, what I don't understand is... why? The song had no lyrics, the video was...
  22. FaPN

    How to use Tom & Jerry's videos without getting copyright claim so I can Monetize my videos ?

    Hey guys , hope you are doing well . The idea behind my channel is simple , I make parodies about football matches using Tom & Jerry clips , the problem is that I get a copyright claim everytime I upload a video which 35+ seconds , some of my friends told me that I can monetize my videos...
  23. S

    My youtube revenue have not been transferred to my adsense after passing threshold

    Hello guys am having a problem on my youtube channel. I have over $100 in my account since January and uptill now it have not been transferred to my adsense account. I have linked my adsense acc with my youtube I have verified my account, have over 1000 subs with over 4000 legit watch time and I...
  24. PunchbowlGaming

    Does anyone notice an increase in their discovery once monetised?

    Hey guys! I have been worried recently if this is the case. Having a channel of 600 subscribers I have been monetising for a while. However I now have a second channel of nearly 190 subs and fast approaching 10,000 views. I now am debating whether to activate the monetisation at 10,000 views...
  25. Jungle Explorer

    Sudden revenue drop lately ? (all discussion here ONLY)

    Okay. Here is the answer to my own question. I thought I would post this for everyone here that is asking questions. Please pay special attention to the text in RED. The revenue system is not working right now because they are working on it. "Hi YouTube community, We recently posted a...
  26. Tasmainia300

    Can a network help me monitize when Youtube won't?

    Hey there, I'm in a sort of predicament and wanted some advice. Recently Google added a feature allowing you to see if your videos have limited or no ads on them for being "not advertiser friendly". I just noticed that a decent portion of my videos were affected. I make gaming comedy videos...
  27. SmokeySpace

    Should I Monetize My Videos? Goods/Bads?

    I don't really like the idea of ads on my videos because they won't really help me and are just annoying to the viewers, although I heard they help you get ranked and recommended, so I'm not sure if I should or not what do you guys think?
  28. MechaJake

    When Would You Consider Monetization?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to get a gauge from a bunch of you as to when you would all consider monetizing your channel? I recognize that I'm nowhere near the point of considering monetization but I'm curious as to when some of you peeps did. Do you already monetize your work? If so, at what...
  29. TobyWan

    What ad types do you put in your videos?

    I personally have one at the beginning and at a mid point. the lower banner one seems kind of annoying from a viewer perspective so I don't use it. Just curious what ads people use and what your thought process is for doing so.
  30. L

    Channel Claimed by Rumblefish??

    Hi everyone i have a problem.... I decided to check out my channel on social blade and see what it has to say about my channel. However i noticed that it says my channel is claimed by a network called Rumblefish. I have never been contacted by them and have never attempted to make contact. I...