Your monetisation tab has been disabled.


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In April I decided to cancel my AdSense account as it was using an old email I hadn't used in years and created a new one with my current domain that I use for my YouTube account. This was a mistake. As soon as I tried to link the new AdSense account it disabled my monetisation and now in my account, I get this.

Contacting YouTube seems impossible, is there anything I can do? Although my channel isn't massive I've had it for years and I have no interest in starting again as I have recently wanted to start making content again but this has put me off.
You'd probably have more luck contacting adsense support. They will see what you have done and might be able to fix it.
Go to your Adsense account and make sure your YouTube channel is linked there. If you need help, contact YouTube support. I was able to contact them even if my channel was demonetised.

Try clicking where it says Learn More... find the link where it says Link and Adsense Account or something, that should be the solution. Without an Adsense account you can't monetised a channel.