1. FortniteNonStop

    Question About a Monetization Strategy

    Hello, so I've been thinking about this for a while now. YouTube usually doesn't monetize accounts that repost content but what if I grow a channel, get accepted into monetization and then later changed my entire channel's niche into a reposting channel, will I still be monetized? Will I also...
  2. Albi

    Monetization Question after moving to a different country

    Hi guys, This is the first post I make on this forum and I hope I picked the right section for this question. I am from Italy, I already have a YouTube channel I made when I was living there that I linked to an AdSense account in late 2017, but I definitely wasn't aware of the full process and...
  3. J

    sign up for google adsense stuck at "in progress"

    i was about to create a google adsense account for my channel. ive passed everything including the 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. When i click on the monetization tab on the left panel it brings out this 3 steps. ive completed the first step which is the review partner program terms and it...
  4. T


    Hey everyone :) Firstly congrats on anyone who's monetized and who's almost there. You deserve it bad. I'd like to ask any tips on how to get more views on your videos and more watch time to get monetized? And lastly, about partnerships, do you know where you could look for partnerships?
  5. G

    Increasing Monetization/ visibility for targeted groups/ channels

    Hi all, We have a channel that has mostly spanish language content including premium longform films and television. I'd like to ask the community if anyone can share any tactics or strategies to increase the CPM by making sure we have the correct metadata or other information that will allow...
  6. Veecharlie

    YPP Disabled due to invalid activity... wait, what?

    Hey guys, So two days ago something REALLY CREEPY happened. I received an email, stating that I violated the Adsense-YPP with invalid activity. If I would have done that, I would not be writing this post. But, I spent already 3 days like an idiot trying to find what I did wrong, asking several...
  7. ProfessorShroom

    Your monetisation tab has been disabled.

    In April I decided to cancel my AdSense account as it was using an old email I hadn't used in years and created a new one with my current domain that I use for my YouTube account. This was a mistake. As soon as I tried to link the new AdSense account it disabled my monetisation and now in my...
  8. Rami Markus

    CPM Drop over 70% and NO MORE Reserved Ads! (Only Auction)

    Okay Now I am really confused. My Avarage CPM is and was always 13$ . Now all Sudden My CPM dropped heavily like over 70% and it continues go down under 3$.I looked whats the reason behind it, The only Ads that are shown on my videos are now only with " Skippable Ads Auction" which is very bad...
  9. MPigeon99

    Received less than half the money I was supposed to (SOLVED)

    I've just resolved the issue. Turns out the stats weren't properly tracked because I only joined the MCN in the middle of the month so the earnings were sent in two separate payments, one by Google and the second one by my MCN. I just didn't look properly.
  10. M

    Urgent Question

    On YouTube now, I have the option to 'Monetize videos with ads', but I don't have an Adsense account now and I havent applied for monetization. So if i put ads now, can I collect the revenue AFTER i join? or does it not make revenue? Would really appreciate an answer. thanks.
  11. D

    Should one drop MCN in favour of Adsense?

    I've been in an MCN for over 5 years, creating gaming content for even a longer period. Question is, should I fix something that isn't broken? While the MCN does take a 20% cut and they don't really do anything for me aside from taking the cut, I'm wondering if it's worth risking everything...
  12. N

    YouTube ADsense vs Partnership

    I just started new YouTube channel and I have question. Right now I applied for YouTube monitization and after I get 1000 Subscribers and 4000hours in last year I will be able to make money. However what is difference between ADsense and Other networks? Do I have to remove Adsense in order to...
  13. A

    No Loger eligible for monetization due to duplication. What doe it mean?

    HI, I woke up to a mail from youtube titled "No longer eligible for monetization". Anyway, further checks I made revealed that the reason given by youtube is DUPLICATION.Please Read the statement below. Duplication In most cases, you can’t reupload someone else's content unless you get...
  14. waegt aweg

    Banned from Adsense.. No MCN.. Now What?

    So, I was banned from AdSense back in 2011 (don't know why). After my appeal got rejected, I created a new a channel in 2013, and tried to monetize my videos using a MCN. I applied to Fullscreen and was accepted right away with little to no subscribers and no AdSense account linked to my...
  15. Jiri82pi

    AdSense Personal Data

    Hey there, what happens when I change my personal data like name, adress, etc in my AdSense account? I got an interesting offer.
  16. O

    Future Monetization idea

    I have been thinking of ways YouTubers could monetize their content. YouTube recently stated that they are thinking of better ways to monetize content. the mechanical royalty rate recently was raised for music streaming. YouTube is working on a new Music Service streaming service combining...
  17. Lock

    Highest earnings eg CPC on Youtube

    Anyone knows which niche will earn you the highest earnings (CPC or whatever) if you upload videos related to that niche in your Youtube Channel ?
  18. MrYorkiesWorld

    Monetization - Should I go with Adsense or MCN?

    Hi guys, It's been a long time since I posted a thread here on the forums, I've recently started making videos again on my channel, and since Creative Nation seems to no longer exist, I'm in the process of removing access on my YouTube channel so that I can go with Adsense or another MCN. The...
  19. Kinan Media

    please, forgive me

    I'm sorry if I hook you too deep, my love is just for you no one else ... this piece of story from this video hopefully not carried away feeling well?
  20. Katt Strike

    Why is Adsense being so difficult?

    Hey guys, I've been having so many issues with Adsense that stretch back years. I'll try to be to the point; basically they are now saying that I need an active AdSense account to monetise my channel, but I can't have that without an external website with enough content? (If this is the case...
  21. Theawkwardbruhs

    Need Help with Monetizing

    I was wondering if should go with ad sense or a third party network. I did try going with freedom tv but I was not qualified. Apparently I had some issues. I was wondering if I went with ad sense would I qualify? My first video I ended up saying the f word. My 4th video it shows me using cocaine...
  22. L


    Hi Good Day . What If I Didn't Recieved The MAIL in ONE MONTH . Can i Verify my Adsense Account in Other way ??
  23. B

    AdSense - why need a website?

    Hey you guys I'm new here, so sorry if this thread doesn't really belong here... We're planning on starting a YouTube channel. We already invested in a vlogging camera and shot and edited a video (it's not uploaded yet) and totally love doing it and create content! It takes a lot of time and...
  24. A

    ASK - can you install youtube adsense ads 2013 to blog?

    please enlighten him and please give her tutorial and explanation
  25. Stearmans Toy Review

    Google Adsense Help

    Hey! So, I was just unlinked from a channel network, and now I have linked an adsense account but it's been a few days and it says I have done $0.. can anyone help? My youtube analytics says I have made some each day but it's not showing up in the adsense. Thanks!
  26. C

    Splitting AdRevenue in a Shared Youtube Account??

    Greetings everyone! I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem, or if anyone else has had to deal with this, and can offer some insight! Here it goes: My best friend and I are creating a youtube channel together. When we start creating an income, we would like to split whatever...
  27. hassan918

    Help / Advice Required

    I have a channel with more than 400 videos but now it has 2 strikes. Now what should I do. Here are the options. 1. Delete all videos 2. Set all videos private I understand that option 1 is the wise and safe option but If I delete all these videos, will I get payment for these videos in my...
  28. Jiri82pi

    2.000.000 views - REVENUE 5,48 USD - HELP!!!

    Hello, monetization is allowed on my YT channel, but earnings are absolutely disastrous. For 2M views, I received $ 5.48. What is wrong? ... Can anyone help me? Thanks for the reply
  29. P

    Monetization Tab Falsely Disabled From Trying To Link Channel To Active Adsense Account

    To Whom It May Concern: I recently applied for monetization on: channel/UCdw0agXZiKeAH99rgabjZSw During the monetization application process, I attempted to link my channel, channel/UCdw0agXZiKeAH99rgabjZSw, to my existing Adsense account by logging into my existing Adsense account during the...
  30. H

    How long do you take to make some stable income from Youtube?

    I believe many of you may also like me, use google adsense on your youtube videos, hoping maybe the videos can generate some income, however much it maybe. I wonder what it takes to start making some relatively stable income for your channel (when i say stable, i dont mean like an amount that...
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