Monetization Question after moving to a different country


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Hi guys,
This is the first post I make on this forum and I hope I picked the right section for this question.
I am from Italy, I already have a YouTube channel I made when I was living there that I linked to an AdSense account in late 2017, but I definitely wasn't aware of the full process and I never checked if I received the Verification Pin that they had sent, and therefore never verified my address, but my AdSense account is still linked to my channel and has a payments account ID and payments profile ID.
Now I live in the US and I am planning on getting back to YouTube, and I wouldn't want to lose the 1,700 subscribers I already have on that channel, but AdSense doesn't allow me to Change Country and it keeps displaying "Italy".
What I'd like to do (and think is the best thing to do) is to start over with the monetization/AdSense process on my Channel and set up everything with US as base, but how could I do so? I tried to Cancel the Account but it says in order to do so I need to verify my postal address.. should I try to get the Verification Pin sent again to my place in Italy and then cancel the account once I verified it?

Thank you so much, I know it's chaotic but hopefully you can understand the issue :)