CPM Drop over 70% and NO MORE Reserved Ads! (Only Auction)

Rami Markus

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Okay Now I am really confused.
My Avarage CPM is and was always 13$ . Now all Sudden My CPM dropped heavily like over 70% and it continues go down under 3$.I looked whats the reason behind it, The only Ads that are shown on my videos are now only with " Skippable Ads Auction" which is very bad for revenue source, there rest is almost 0$ So No RESERVED Ads Anymore.Before that Huge drop everything was always fine since January 1st. I mean take a look at the chart ,so you will understand my situation.
I am getting alot more views than ever but earn less than ever before... Why did you youtube stopped putting Reserved Ads on my videos.?


I would appreciate it,if someone can help. Thank you

(If you need more details let me know.)
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Simple supplay and demand I guess. It could be seasonal. Depending on the niche, many companies cut their advertising over the summer because of the holidays.
One also must remember that the CPM (AKA "cost per mile") is what advertisers pay to place ads on your videos. It isn't what you are paid for clicks to your videos.