Services 4000 hours of watch-time in just 1 week


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Hello everyone !

Do you want to reach 4000 hours of viewing quickly? You are in the right place. I can provide 4000 hours of viewing in just 1 week! The price for 4000 hours of viewing is $35.

Here are the different prices:

- 1,000 hours: $20
- 2,000h: $25
- 3,000h: $30

- 4,000h: $35
For more information, contact me! Payment only by PayPal! Possible negotiation!

PS : The video must last at least 1 hour. Possibility to do it on several videos (examples: 2000 hours on 1 video and 2000 hours on another)
1. OP sounds dodgy to me. Also I think such advertising is against forum rules.

2. YouTube aren't stupid and will pick up a change from very low to suddenly high watch times and figure out what's going on - and use of these services/bots and the like is a breech of YouTube Ts&Cs and could see user/channel deleted -so is highly inadvisable.

3. No many people make 1 hour videos - if they did, the most reliable way to increase watch time would be to edit the videos to make them MUCH shorter.