1. BinoDino


    ok so i have been copy righted by someone whom song isnt even in my video its a song on youtube called "the voice- by jay will" he did a remake of drakes song ''0 to 100'' i have drakes instrumental in my video not jay will but DRAKES. i wouldnt care if drake tried to monitize my video but its...
  2. MechaJake

    When Would You Consider Monetization?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to get a gauge from a bunch of you as to when you would all consider monetizing your channel? I recognize that I'm nowhere near the point of considering monetization but I'm curious as to when some of you peeps did. Do you already monetize your work? If so, at what...
  3. SeanFace101

    Monetisation Disabled, but its says i have no Adsense.. Why is this?

    I'm not allowed to enable monetisation on my videos due to it says invalid click, which I must have done many years and wen I was just starting out or something. :P So I cant earn money from my channel (or any channel infact I create as its the same google account)... So.. Can I team up with...
  4. FernandoMask

    With how many views do you start to get payed?

    I don't know with how many views or subs do you start getting payed on Youtube. Can someone explain?
  5. Chris and Nima

    Question about music....

    I see some videos where people add well known music in their videos but still monetize. Do you try to get permission or pay for use? Seems stupid to not monitize a video cause you used a 10 second clip of someone's song.
  6. D_halfrican

    When should I monitize

    I don't monitize any of my videos currently I feel I'm still too small so any of you monitize ?