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I'm not allowed to enable monetisation on my videos due to it says invalid click, which I must have done many years and wen I was just starting out or something. :p So I cant earn money from my channel (or any channel infact I create as its the same google account)... So.. Can I team up with someone to create a new channel and it be them that create the channel because they are allowed to monetise and then I can just be added as a contributor or collaborator or whatever it is called to the channel? So I can add videos to the channel then I just get my half of the earning directly from my partner as it is paid to him? Will this work?
It says my Monetisation is disable..
"Monetisation has been disabled on this account due to invalid click activity"..

But when I sign into my Google account using the same email, etc.. that I sign into my YouTube account, it says this..

"Looks like this Google account isn't associated with an AdSense account. That's okay. You can either
sign in with the Google account associated with AdSense, or sign up for an AdSense account today"

Why does it say I don't have one, yet YouTube is saying I do but its disabled?
You had one, but then violated the rules. Google then flagged your YouTube account and closed the associated AdSense account.

You no longer have an AdSense account, nor will you be allowed to start a new one. You could attempt to follow the links to sign up for a new one, but you'd likely be denied extremely early in the set-up procedure.

The only avenue you may take would be, as you stated in another thread, to have someone else create a new channel and AdSense account and have them pay you. That said, it better be someone you fully trust.
oh you seen that thread.. So you think that will work then? I wasn't sure if Google / YouTube would know that on the new channel that my friend will set up that their is a person (me) who is banned from AdSense and contributing and involved in the channel and disable monetisation on that channel too?

About this thread.. I thought I would have still had the AdSense account and able to sign into it but just not be allowed to use it. :p How well do you think the Appealing would work?
Yeah @RedFox thanks. :p I realised after I done the both of them that the conversation that will be held on each of them are more or less about the same thing. :p