1. Sinser

    FAKE LEAN!?!?

    Check out my video and tell me if the audio in this is better or worse than the previous video.
  2. Divergence

    Gaming Sharree

    There's this awesome sharing website I wanted to let you guys know about. Called Sharree, it's free to join and offers you to share videos with other members. I'm using it a lot and it's dedicated to mainly gamers, but people post vlogs as well. Check it out! :D
  3. Adeelcool

    I want to improve my content Any tips specific to me

    I really want to improve my content,so what are tips solely to improve the actual content itself
  4. DerpyMLG Scoper

    How do i create my thumbnails?

    Hi! There are alot programs and websites that offer thumbnail making. But alot of them are scams or just dont work. Today i am going to tell you what programs and websites do i use! I use Adobe Photoshop. It is a great program but it coasts money. You can get a 30 day trial once you sign in...
  5. S

    Question about software/hardware as a new youtuber

    Hey everyone! So I am new to youtube and I was wondering should I drop the money to invest in all of the top line stuff right away? I currently have the c930 webcame, hyper x2 headset and use that as my mic. I currently do not own an editing software. My question is should I invest in the blue...
  6. S

    Are my videos something that would interest you

    Hey everyone my name is Alex and I am 24 years old. My name on most platforms/games is either Score or Scoregasms2286. I started a youtube channel along with my twitch channel and I have lately been uploading highlights from my twitch streams onto youtube. I do not exactly own any editing...
  7. piaiscool

    Does my GET TO KNOW ME make you feel uncomfortable?

    Hello friends! After struggling for days, I FINALLY PUT UP A VIDEO! Being my ever-so-smart self, I deleted 3 days worth of filming and editing. This made me very upset and was just not having it. BUT LOOK AT ME PUSHING THROUGH IT ~*pat on the back*~ I was hesitating whether or not I should make...
  8. Fluke

    Are my videos entertaining?

    Hi you alright, i have just recently started a youtube channel where i upload daily gaming videos. I was just wondering if my videos are entertaining and what i should be doing to improve them.
  9. Meneno Gaming

    Rate My channel

    Okay so my channel has been good but I have yet to ask for feedback. Right now my mic is broken so im getting a new one which could change some feedback in the future but I want to know if I should keep doing videos like I do. My schedule is on every Monday and Thursday. I have alot of spare...
  10. Jadsey

    Honest Channel Feedback/Review

    Hello guys! I have been making videos for quite a while now, and I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some honest feedback? What can I do better, and things like that. Here's my YouTube channel: Jad$ey (and if you like my content, then please be sure to SUBSCRIBE!) Thank you guys...
  11. LangaAu

    Any advice for a New youtuber?

    Hello my name is Alex, Langa is my nickname I was wondering if there are any handy tips to which help improve my content and viewer attraction to which help my new channel to grow? I've been struggling for new content ideas, over the past month or so, then I found this website! Please share...
  12. AllenSae

    How do you feel about the donation option ?

    Hey what's up guys, so I stumbled upon the donation option on youtube. How do you guys feel about setting that up? When should you set up the donation option? I was going to try it but I don't know if I should or not. Just the fact that I already feel bad if people give me money. What's your...
  13. AllenSae

    how often do you post your youtube videos?

    Hey what's up guys, so I'm new to the Youtube scene and I just wanted to know how often do you guys post your content? Once a week? Three times a week? Let me know what's a good set schedule on posting videos. Thanks :)
  14. MenAce

    Hello, Help Needed

    Hello I Really Want To Know Strategies & Tips.
  15. Alexxd25

    What's missing?

    Hi! So I've probably seen all the youtube "tips" out there (ziovo, tim schmoyer, roberto blake, you name it) and I THINK I've done most if not all of them, and I'm starting to slowly but surely grow (averaging 3 subs a day which is pretty cool!) But I just wanted to see if I'm missing something...
  16. Lightsen

    Extra tips and things for your channel you may have missed!

    So you've followed the advice and techniques you could find on the site? - nice one! This thread is for all the little extras that you may have missed that could also benefit your channel. 1) Your G+ page. - you may not be interested in using G+ at all, but for a few people, when highlighting...
  17. TheoPC

    Tips for Scripting Video's {TOP 10 TIPS}

    I may be a newbie to YouTube, however I know quite a bit about scripting as I study drama and media and have had several previous channels to learn from my mistakes. Here are my TOP 10 TIPS for writing good scripts to keep the viewer intrigued...
  18. artisourlifeyounow

    In need of advice

    Hello guys , we've recently started our channel Artisourlifeyouknow with my bestfriend and we would like your advice on how to efficiently communicate our ideas , I know how important quality content is but right now I would like to focus a little bit on the sharing/going viral part. What's your...
  19. Mattaxol

    MYSTERIOUS SHANGRI-LA | Far Cry 4 (Feedback please?! :))

    Starting a new series, Far Cry 4, and getting used to commentating/solo videos(/playthroughs?). Really do hope you guys enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please please let me know how to improve. Thank you!!
  20. Cody96

    Useful tips for growing your channel and gaining more subs?

    I have been doing my channel for almost a year now (It's been roughly ten months) and I have only just reached 52 subscribers. I know compared to a lot of channels that's actually a pretty fast growth (I gained over 30 subscribers in the last 2 months vs. my 20 in my first 8 months). Compared to...
  21. YourKingSkeletor

    Any tips for INCREASING Viewer Retention?

    My channel has been struggling in one major area, viewer retention. I edit out the unrequired chunks of my videos and speak asloud and lively as I can at the time (I'm a bit monotone at times) and get crappy retention. For example, my latest video has an average retention of 7 seconds (Guess...
  22. Onister Gaming

    I would like to improve my channel!

    I would like to get my channel reviewed and have some tips sent my way please and thank you! Plz disregard the editing on my top 5 underrated channels it was done in a few minutes as i didnt have time to fully edit to the way i wanted. Requestings: 1.How well are my videos edited...
  23. JustMonotone

    For Those With Little Motivation

    Hello guys! My name is JustMonotone. I know I have said this before but I will probably say it in my posts all the time. I am a high school student from San Antonio who is trying to have a fun time on YouTube and trying to express himself and meet new people. I know that it's hard starting out...
  24. C

    Need Some Tips On My Channel and Video Click To See

    My Channel itself stop growing and i have been stuck at 109 subscribers so give me feedback on my channel and the video itself thx reply plz.
  25. Killerkat

    Commentary Tips?

    I'am a deadly shy person and can't say a word without being paranoid that one of my family can hear me talking to myself basically or that I'am going to mess up completely :( anybody have any tips to overcome shyness? or even just what to say? sorry for annoyance XD Thanks :)
  26. Freshly Finished

    Google+ ????

    Just wondering if anyone else here is as foreign to G+ as i am lol. I keep hearing great success stories about it but have not found any good techniques to going about it. Do any of you have any tips, tricks, or advice when it comes to google plus? Let me (and all the other lost G+ Souls out...
  27. Cynikal

    Massive Drop in Views/Viewership?

    So I've been posting on this channel for about 4 months now, gained a few good friends and went through some massive changes. Now, most of my subscribers are other youtubers/streamers and all have told me that my videos are awesome and I deserve xxx amount of subscribers. This I find hard to...
  28. Freshly Finished

    How I made a music video out of a live performance

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to show you a quick little trick i used this past summer. I had the opportunity to film one of my favorite hip hop artists "Atmosphere" at the Center of Gravity Beach Festival in my home town. Knowing I would probably never get this chance again, or would ever get...
  29. Promice

    Recently started a Music channel, any tips?

    Literally yesterday I posted my first video on my music channel and I wanted to know if anybody here has any useful information or things they would recommend to both music channels and someone starting off.
  30. McKnowItAll


    Okayyy so i need your guys help! If you could can you review my video "16 things i love" and how i could improve it may that be the Thumbnail or my video quality. I will appreciate any kind of constructive criticism!:) Helppp a fellow YouTuber out pleaseee:)