Useful tips for growing your channel and gaining more subs?


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I have been doing my channel for almost a year now (It's been roughly ten months) and I have only just reached 52 subscribers. I know compared to a lot of channels that's actually a pretty fast growth (I gained over 30 subscribers in the last 2 months vs. my 20 in my first 8 months). Compared to other channels that have like 200+ subs in their first year, I'm growing extremely slowly. Any tips for this?
Social Media is a big part of growing your channel. Try to be active for example on Twitter. Search for hashtags related to you and also try to post things fitting to your channel and genre and get into discussions. Also whenever you upload a video try to inform everybody on each of your social platform. Don't spam but simply inform the people about your new video. It's not easy to grow when you're still small. You gotta keep in mind YouTube - well any Social Network - is working exponentially. That means the more Subscribers you have the more you will receive. There's not really a key to YouTube success. As for creative stuff in this world you will always need a little luck to get successful. As they always say "be in the right place at the right time". I know it's hard but don't give up!
So good luck with your channel & I hope I could help you out a little bit! :happy:
If you are a vlog-like channel try to talk about very popular and trending topics in your videos, tag these popular topics in your video as well as mention it in the description of your video, and be sure to use popular hashtags when you are sharing your video on Google Plus
Just try to use the most popular social media. Make a facebook account for your youtube channel and then you can join big youtube groups on facebook to ptomote your content. Use hashtags on twitter. Post your thumbnail on your instagram so people know you have a new video. But Facebook is the most important and most usefull for growing your channel :)