What's missing?


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Hi! So I've probably seen all the youtube "tips" out there (ziovo, tim schmoyer, roberto blake, you name it) and I THINK I've done most if not all of them, and I'm starting to slowly but surely grow (averaging 3 subs a day which is pretty cool!) But I just wanted to see if I'm missing something since some people have what I have x5 but their content is pretty pretty bad, are they doing something that I'm not? Please help! Thanks :D
Your just starting out so it takes some time. But 3 subs a day is cracking, much better than me.
Hey Man! From what Ive seen your channel is coming along real well! Your audio is on point and your thumbnails are amazing! As the person above said, you are just starting out, so it may take some time, but as far as I can tell you are coming along real well, keep it up! And about that logo thing you asked about, just shoot me an email at thedraconictyr@gmail.com with any ideas you had in mind!

Best of luck,