1. Maarij Bashir

    Should I have an intro to my videos?

    I'm working on new music videos and was just wondering should I still keep using my intro. I like it but I feel like it kind seems unnecessary. I think I could just do an outro of saying "thank you for watching my video". What do you guys think?
  2. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    9 Tips to Stay Healthy On Holiday

  3. iMaxRK

    How to get your gaming videos noticed in the community?

    I make and videos and i was wondering anyone knew how the could get noticed?
  4. piaiscool

    Please review? (-/\-)

    Hey fam! So I tried listening to most of your feedbacks. I lowered down the volume (It's down to 6%) of the background music. I tried not to cover my face as much with my pop-ups (I still have to improve on this a little more i think?). Most of you noticed a flickering light in my videos most of...
  5. Xanderin

    Growing Channel Looking for improvement

    hey i've been using youtube for two weeks now and want to know what i can improve on to help bring more people to me channel so if you have any advice on what video's you on enjoy on my channel that would be great and what you disliked as well so i know not to do it again thanks xander =)
  6. Xanderin

    My First time playing GTA 5

    hey i had so much fun making this video i can't believe the ending haha i hope you enjoy it let me know what you think of it and how i can improve my video's thanks
  7. Olivea-Sea

    Pointers welcome!

    Hi everyone so recently I've started uploading twice a week plus I'm fiddling around with my edit strategy. I'm trying to find a balance between talking and showing during my video's. I hope you guys can enjoy this video and maybe have some pointers on what I can refine!? Lime Crime Product...
  8. AllenSae

    Doing youtube while going to school?

    Hey guys, so you know school has started for some of us (so much fun :/). Either high school or college. So I just wanted to know how do you find the time to still crank out quality content? I'm finally going back to college (video production, film maker) and I just wanted some tips and tricks...
  9. J

    youtube tips for beginners

    Hi im kind of new to making videos on youtube and im a small gaming youtuber so if you have any tips feel free.
  10. TheMix

    Finding a Nitch?

    On our channel we do skits, challenges, vlogs and many different things but sometimes videos don't get too many views. It seems that when we make videos about what is hot at the time (a nitch) it increases our views tremendously. I definitely reccoment smaller youtubers out there like our...
  11. Xanderin

    Hey I'm New To Youtube =)

    hey i'm new to this forums and to youtube as well but i would like to start off by saying my name is Xanderin and i started making video's about 2 weeks ago i've been having so much fun making video's and im starting on a new intro i'm just looking for advice on how to improve my channel and...
  12. B

    Please Review ;D This is my first proper YouTube video EVER!! I feel as if I can do better but I just wanted to upload a video to get a feel of the process of starting my channel. Please give me honest feed back, and if possible, any tips to grow my...
  13. Richie O'Donnell


    Hey guys!! So my girlfriend Laura and I love to be creative and always wanted to start a youtube channel so a few months ago we made the decision and we love it! I can't describe the feeling I get being able to share my creative content on a platform like youtube but I bet you all know the...
  14. Ballistic

    When to start Vlogging?

    I eventually want to have a vlog channel and also still have my main channel and was wondering, at what sub number is it big enough to start a successful vlog channel that would get a decent amount of views, I was thinking maybe around like 100k subs. Thanks!
  15. Jeanz

    Started Youtube Again - What do you think of my artwork?

    Hello guys and what a pleasure it is to be part of these wonderful forums, I'm sure that I'll enjoy my stay here! Today I was hoping to get some feedback with my brand new channel art and profile picture. I started youtube two years ago but slowly school started to take over and in the end I...
  16. Christoball

    What should i use?

    Hey guys its christo here I would like to ask u guys what u use and what i should use. Well i have used movie maker for a while and its great. Its just that it doesnt have features that i want. So what do u guys use for editing? Thx for all answers
  17. joseph taylor

    Are giveaways scams?

    Ok so the question is! Is youtube giveaways scams? Well you cant know for sure if someone on youtube is scamming. Yes people do fake giveaways but not all of them do. If you want to know who does fake giveaways then you have to look for some things. So does the youtubers post the winner or does...
  18. MisterJDiggidy

    What Strategies Make You Want To Subscribe To A Channel?

    Obviously, you would want to subscribe because you like their content and what they do, but what strategies do you notice help? For example, a lot of people like to put outros on their videos telling people to subscribe and check out their other videos. Does this really help, or do most people...
  19. FatalMisfire

    My Channel - please check out & Feedback

    Hey Guys, I'm starting again from scratch as my old channel was kinda pointless, but i'd appreciate it if any of you guys checked out my channel and gave me any feedback you fancied (provided it isn't just pointless hate, but you guys all seems better than that anyway :D). Link Below...
  20. Pierre Maynard

    My first entertainment video! What do you all think? :)

    So i have recently just uploaded a new video called The Whisper challenge, Which i have never done a video about. I would like to know what was good about the video, and what was bad about the video. :) I would also like to know what other things i can add in my videos, and what other...
  21. TheGamingJNY

    PC screen recorder (Windows)

    Hi, My name is Jennifer and I run the YouTube channel TheGamingJNY. I have currently been struggling with finding a second screen recorder to run on my not so good laptop. The laptop runs windows 10. I have been told only a thousand times that OBS is the best software to use but neither OBS...
  22. KaziproductionsHD

    Need some feedback

    Hi there I've recently started a series and would like to know what you think of it. Please give me honest feedback and how I could improve. Thanks a lot :)
  23. booitscaitlin

    Engaging your audience/interactive viewers?

    A little context: So I've recently hit 1,000 subscribers but I have basically no interaction with my viewers. I haven't uploaded in quite a while because I have no motivation at the moment as I just want to connect with my audience (plus just in a bit of an ideas rut) and because that doesn't...
  24. Jtpetch

    Feedback on my recent solo videos?

    So, I'm starting to do more solo videos, as the person I usually record with hasn't had time to record in a while (also because I'd just like to put out more videos than we were before), and I'm worried that my solo videos are too boring. My most recent video ("Housekeeping") I'd say is a good...
  25. Lizzeelive

    How To Beat Nervousness?!

    I want to upload my first video soon, but I can't get past nervousness and fear of hitting the upload button. I know that nervousness is normal while recording (I discovered that) but is it normal to be nervous right before an upload? Do you have any tips on calming yourself down?
  26. HyDraid

    Do you have tips for me?

    I just started my channel 1 week ago, at the moment I have 151 subscribers and 2 video's :) It would be great to get some feedback on the following: 1. Channel layout 2. Thumbnails 3. Editing, is it good, to much ? 4. Quality Thanks ^^
  27. Altairsfriend

    Coming out of your shell.

    I have just begun my journey with YouTube so I don't have that many tips, but I know that in order to do well on this site you must come out of your shell. People like to watch videos of confident creators doing what they love. If they sense you are being reserved then they may say screw it and...
  28. GoodGoneBadPictures

    How to Grow Your Channel

    I might only be a small YouTuber still, but lately my channel has been growing a lot and I thought I'd give some hope and tips to other small YouTubers like myself. 1. Upload with Frequency- This one is huge. I know people always talk about this, but it really does play a huge role. I only had...
  29. Koa

    How can i get more exposure for my videos

    im trying to find any way possible to gain exposure formy videos even doe i just started and the 4 videos i have posted did way better than i expected i wanna be able to grow and learn more. i mainly want exposure now to be able to get some feed back so i can improve on the things i lack. i...
  30. D0ntw1sh

    how do you get your channel well known

    i am a youtuber that is just starting and looking for tips to get more well known