How to get your gaming videos noticed in the community?


I make and videos and i was wondering anyone knew how the could get noticed?
Try to improve your channel first and read all the stickies here in the strategy forum. You have only made 3 videos so far, the video's are spaced out too far in between and you can improve lots of other things as well before thinking of how to get noticed. First work on the content so that when people do notice you, they stick around.

There is no magic unfortunately, only hard work and patience. You have to compete with all the other channels out there and even if you do everything right, you're looking at half a year to a year at least to become somewhat popular, posting every day high quality videos.
You've got to make videos that people want to see and get it in front of those people. It takes hard work, but there are a lot of good strategies on this site. You are going for a very saturated market, so you need to work at it, but it is possible. Good luck.