I've Got It
Hey fam! So I tried listening to most of your feedbacks. I lowered down the volume (It's down to 6%) of the background music. I tried not to cover my face as much with my pop-ups (I still have to improve on this a little more i think?). Most of you noticed a flickering light in my videos most of the time and I think I figured it out as well! I also didn't loop one song over and over for my background music. <3

Now here's my newest video! :D

I would really appreciate it if you review it again based on quality and content!
*I filmed at night because I never have time in the morning, so is the lighting okay?
*Is the mic too loud? My mac is on blast and it sounds fine, but when I have my headset on it just damages my lil eardrums.
*I don't know if I should lower down the music more. Like to 5% but if I do that, you can faintly hear it... What do you think?

You guys really help me out a lot by reviewing my video and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you for your time!

I couldn't really pick out anything that made your video bad. Your were very enthusiastic and happy which is important. Your music wasn't too loud (atleast to me). Be careful though of what music you use because it you use anything recklessly you could get a copyright strike... Overall I think it came out to be a good video. Nice job!
I think sound is fine in this vide: you and music both. As loud as it should be. Talking about the content, I would really like to say: continue being that dorky and joking around! It makes you video really positive and make a connection to the viewer. Good job!
Quality is good, the music is the perfect volume as most youtubers set as. And your voice is very clear and concise so you don't need to worry about the music drowning it out. The edits are pretty much good aswell. Keep it up!