1. A

    Short Film Review My Short Film Please

    This is 6 minute Short Film its 99% Silent Dialogues are not important (they're not even in English)
  2. W

    Minecraft Let’s Play Advice

    I recently started a Minecraft let’s play. I understand that that’s a tough field to find a niche in, but I wanted your advice on what the video does right and what it does wrong and maybe how to improve in the future! thank you all for the advice!
  3. Dmenace

    I need SEO type of reviewing

    Hi My name is Denis I got a channel with a lot of topics and I dont have a specific one. Its consists out of metal Detecting,diving,urban exploration and all other kinds of advantures. The thing is thet 90% of my videos are not viewed at all and this bother me. I suspect an SEO problem or a...
  4. DeBub

    Request for a Short Video Review

    Hey there, so i've been working on this the past 2 days Non-Stop but haven't done a YouTube Video before, so i want it to be really good and most importantly to not turn people away in the first 15 seconds. It is a Love-Letter-Like Review for a Old RPG (Secret of Mana) the video itself, is just...
  5. Dragonstar89

    Review my first Christmas special?

    Hello and Happy Holidays! Hope your holiday has been good this year. I've wanted to get a Christmas special made since I just started youtube again in August. My channel is a mix of whatever seems like fun to make and produce, usually crass lets plays and some stupid skit stuff. I did a lets...
  6. W

    First 15 subscribers

    Hey guys I’m just excited that I got my first 15 subscribers. I am posting high-quality review content. Do you have any feedback on how to grow your subscriber base and any testimonials on how you start it up and how you become successful in the YouTube community.
  7. MrCanadianDude

    Are my Minecraft videos entertaining?

    I'm trying to make sure my Minecraft videos are entertaining but I need a couple of people's advice!
  8. Poondeh

    Showing face in videos, yay or nay?

    Hey! I'm thinking of getting back into YouTube and doing more in real life content but I'm at a dilemma. I don't show my face in my videos, and feel self conscious about my appearance. But I feel there can be a disconnect by wearing sun glasses and a crappy face mask when making videos. I'd...
  9. DylanDDragon_YT

    Is my video quality good?

    Hello internet! I have been trying to upgrade the quality of my videos (graphics wise) If anyone is reading this, could you mind checking out the video and seeing if the graphics are any good? Please tell me your opinion on it whenever you are done! (And maybe even drop a sub!) Thanks!
  10. Atheno

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Let me know what to improve

    Comedic Vlog/Prank Channel - Could someone review my latest video and tell me your honest opinion on it and what I can improve?
  11. ItsOcean

    I Recently Started a Funny Game Review Channel. Would Love Some Feedback Please

    Hey! So recently I started a Videogame Review Channel with the goal of making funny reviews that aren't just someone talking about the game, but making it funny and entertaining to watch. I would greatly appreciate any feedback! I am aware that I look at my phone a lot during the video and my...
  12. SLAV PL

    Second video, something different

    I did my second video. Feedback would be nice:)
  13. I

    Feedback desperately needed on my first upload

    Hi there, So I've wanted to start this channel for a while now and today was the day I made my first upload! My motivation runs off knowing people enjoy my content and its not just a complete waste of time. I feel like if people genuinely find me entertaining then I'm ready to put my all into...
  14. BestNerdLife

    ASPHALT 9: Legends on Nintendo Switch is surprisingly good! | BestNerdLife

    ASPHALT 9: Legends is a Free-To-Play arcade racing game on the Nintendo Switch that...doesn't actually suck. In fact, I think this game is surprisingly good.
  15. Slentay

    Video Review For "Dreams In Video Games"

    I was wanting to get feedback on the script, pace, audio quality and if the video is entertaining or not. I really enjoy doing these types of videos so any feedback to make them better is appreciated! Dreams In Video Games
  16. BestNerdLife

    The 'Typo Vintage Gamer' handheld console | BestNerdLife

    Should you buy a Typo Vintage Gamer handheld console instead of a Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch or a Sony PSP? Probably not. In this video, I take a deep dive into the Typo Vintage Gamer, a handheld console that boasts about having 240 built-in games, a 2.9" LCD display and volume control. Whilst...
  17. W

    Commentary Anime review/commentary channel. Looking to collab with similar niche/quality channels!

    I'm new on the block and I'm looking to grow my viewer base and expand my repertoire as a reviewer and a critic. I typically make serious review-style commentary on anime that have moved me and talk about why they're important, but i'm not apposed to more light-hearted content! Reach out and let...
  18. T

    Channel with 1460 sub only getting a dozen views or so a video, can't figure what is wrong...please give me your honest feedback

    Hello Me and my youtube partner have been trying to upload more frequently, tag accordingly etc however something is wrong, we are almost getting no views ...whats worse is we cannot figure out why so we need someone else to critique us honestly. Thanks here our channel...
  19. BestNerdLife

    Anyone want to give some honest feedback on my nerdy channel?

    It would really help me you guys could give me some honest feedback about my channel, I talk about all manner of nerdy things. Cheers!
  20. BestNerdLife

    'The Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech' Book Review

    The games industry has a super deep and super interesting history. There's plenty of books out there to choose from, many of which are very good at delving into this history. One fantastic example is 'The Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech - Computers, Consoles & Games'. This delightful hardback...
  21. T

    New channel review the quality of my first video

    Hey guys, I just started a brand new YT channel it revolves around tech and would love to get some feedback on audio, and just the quality overall of my first video. Ay feedback is greatly appreciated. Happy trails
  22. BestNerdLife

    Minibrick review - Pokémon Wish edition

    I adore Pokémon! I also adore Minibricks! So surely these super cheap Pokémon Minibrick sets that are available on Wish have gotta be perfect for me right? Find out in this Pokémon Minibrick review!
  23. OndaWire

    best robot vacuum 2019 -amarey a800

    Sweeping the house? Who does that? Well we don't anymore because we've been using this amarey a800 robot vacuum cleaner for the past couple of weeks and all I can say is, WOW! Watch the video to see the "pros" and "cons" that we had, and why this is the best robot vacuum 2019. Follow me on...
  24. OndaWire

    Muse 2 the brain sensing EEG headband review

    Muse 2 the brain sensing EEG headband review, this thing is awesome! I've been using this muse 2 for the past 6 weeks because I wanted to see alternatives to dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia and more. I saw the muse 2 and read thousands of reviews and decided, I want to see what the...
  25. OndaWire

    sennheiser momentum true wireless earbud review

    I have no ties to Sennheiser or any of these companies for that matter. I love giving honest tech reviews and my intention is not to talk bad or boost a company up, but rather give "YOU" the good and the bad with what I find! Check out the review Also follow me on Youtube and Facebook at "OndaWire"
  26. Gits and Shiggles

    Video Variety and Channel Type

    Hello all, I was wondering what type of content works best on my channel, I upload longer videos and also short memes. Do ya'll think that both can exist together on the channel, or should I just stick to one? Thanks for your help and feedback! Channel...
  27. GlobalDayz

    Requesting Channel Review

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone who could provide me w/a channel review. I was recently demonetized last month due to "reused content" following 3 yrs of being a creator & I'm currently attempting to modify my channel & my style to meet the latest guidelines while awaiting response following...
  28. Dave Pollack

    Do you like Smooth Jazz?? Video review!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get your take on this video, especially from non-musicians. Basically I go around to different drive-thrus and order like I play soprano sax for them and ask them if they like smooth jazz and Kenny G. I'm going to be making a part 2, but wanted some...
  29. George Hudson

    Need your advice

    Hello Everyone, So I just have started uploading again recently and did a whole channel refresh, new thumbnails, new channel art and higher quality content. I would really appreciate it if everyone could go and check it out and let me know what they think!
  30. GrannyGamer

    Lets Play Indie Horror - Escape the Place

    Here's one of my indie horror games from called Escape the Place. I have used the webcam to show reactions in this video as I'm trying to do with the horror games. I am still trying to figure out how to get it in sync as you will see a slight delay in voice to my mouth. Even though my...