Feedback desperately needed on my first upload


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Hi there,

So I've wanted to start this channel for a while now and today was the day I made my first upload!

My motivation runs off knowing people enjoy my content and its not just a complete waste of time. I feel like if people genuinely find me entertaining then I'm ready to put my all into this mentally and financially. I've already purchased some promotions across social media to give me that initial boost, however this is yet to result in any positivity (which now has me questioning everything about me and the video).

The video took me a total of 7 hours to complete (recording, editing etc).

My initial worry after uploading was have I made the intro too long. I'm new so people are less likely gonna want to listen to me? maybe I should jump into the video mains right away until I've got a fanbase?

Then I thought maybe its more than that, I understand my voice isn't 100% on point (maybe the nerves) but I expect that to improve.

But then I started to question if I was actually entertaining? Will people find me amusing or just plain annoying?

I have so many questions going through my head, so any feedback is extremely appreciated! And please DO be honest and ruthless if needs be, I would rather be pulled apart of my faults instead of being lied to for the sake of being a nice person.

I think this is a decent concept, a grump old man reviews stuff, are you going to do every video as this character or will there be different one's?

I have a few tips;
  1. The audio was a little low in some of your voice clips, and the level between you and the love island is a little off (the love island clips were louder).
  2. some of the reactions seemed a little forced.. I say this because, some of your reaction clips were funny and on point, then others seemed like you needed to put something in and for me weren't as funny.. (don't worry this comes with time)
  3. if you are going to be this character more than once, you may want to think, how are you going to keep it fresh? you may want to look at each clip and smash the reaction, if you feel that it isn't funny either film it again or see if you can edit it out, leaving only the hilarious responses

I do something similar on my channel (not in a mask -- although some people might say I should do haha). I used to make 10 minute videos, when looking back, I should have done a 4-6 minute video with the best bits.

All in all, I did laugh which is good... the more videos you make, the slicker these will become and you will find a formula for these types of videos.

if you want to see how I have done mine, you can check out some of my videos, I am not going to post it here as this is about your content, but you can click on my name or search for my name on Youtube :)

Great work, keep putting out content!