1. A

    video from TikTok

    Guys, can you tell me how I can save videos from my TikTok feed to watch them when I don't have internet?
  2. E

    Gaming Searching for volunteers to record selfie video

    Hi, I am a game developer and I have an idea about a game about psychologist. I want to make demo prologue with 3 dialogues. I need 3 volunteers (2 men and 1 woman) to record selfie video telling lines of dialogue. I have ready dialogues in text, you would just have to read it on a selfie video.
  3. J

    Pakka Local Shorts | Mesmerizing Dance Performance
  4. J


    Hey Guys I have a youtube channel about computer softwares, my fans told me to make a video about "how to download tiktok videos". My question is : Is legally to make a video about how to download tiktok videos ??? I feel that youtube will give ma a strike Thank u
  5. Roldoy

    Request Just uploaded a new video ! Check it out for the awesome intro ..........

  6. W

    Minecraft Let’s Play Advice

    I recently started a Minecraft let’s play. I understand that that’s a tough field to find a niche in, but I wanted your advice on what the video does right and what it does wrong and maybe how to improve in the future! thank you all for the advice!
  7. S

    Funny videos with animals

    Funny videos.
  8. Impu1s3

    Services Stunning Thumbnails for Your Channel

    It's no secret to anyone on this forum that a thumbnail plays a BIG role in the number of views on YouTube. I am a graphic designer with 7+ years of experience. recently I decided to start offering services for YouTubers. I offer the following services to your attention - Creating a amazing...
  9. W


    Blogify offers innovative features so users no longer have to manually build sites, run out of content ideas, or spend hundreds on hiring professionals and writers. Just enter one keyword and Blogify does the rest automatically.
  10. TheCUBE01

    Short Film A trailer for my upcoming work

    Hey guys! new member here this is a short segment from my latest work Chapter 12 Neptune feel free to check the rest of my work ;) Click here
  11. S

    Vlog Video compression and converter app

    I have used this app for more than 6 months and I still do. I've used free software for a long time before, but I haven't found one as good as Compress. It has a good UX / UI design, ease of compression, you can choose quality or speed, you can drag the files to the app and compress several...
  12. LandyVlad

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021 Context ‘Back in the day’ when people were looking for a professional, feature-rich video editing solution there was really only one answer on everyone’s lips “Adobe Premiere”. Fortunately since then things have changed for the better. There are a lot...
  13. imahbo0be

    Learn The Brand New "FYA Model" To Crush YouTube In 2021 Without Making Videos

    Are you interested in starting or scaling a YouTube channel, without having to show your face or become a YouTuber? Do you want to increase your revenue, freedom, and become your own boss? You’ve spent countless hours searching for the right business. You finally stumbled across “Doing YouTube...
  14. M

    About renting or selling a video on YouTube.

    Hi friends. I have a question. if I uploaded a video on my YouTube account that has a song or two detected to be copyrighted. (Doesn’t effect my account but copyright owner can make adds etc on my video) can I still rent or sell this video? does it have to be fully non copyrighted to make it...
  15. T

    Short Film Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure!

    Hello guys, it's Rozzer here! I'm here with a short film/edit of a day I and my friend spent longboarding in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure! Please bear in mind we are only beginner longboarders so only constructive criticism, please :) Other than that please...
  16. A

    Other İnternetten Para Kazanma

    Yatırımsız ve sermayesiz bir şekilde inernetten video izleyerek 50 $ kazan hemde ücretsiz bir şekilde aşağıdaki linkten videoya gidebilirsiniz..
  17. NickNobody847

    YouTube Is Being Invaded By Bots!

    As a new YouTuber, you upload your first video. Moments later, you get a comment. What does it say? Usually compliments about your video. You might be really happy. But DONT. In most cases, these video complimentors are BOTS!!! It is easy to prove if It's a bot or not. If you see a repeating...
  18. NickNobody847

    Which Video Will Surpass 30 Billion Views First? What Do You Think?

    Type Your Answer Down Below.
  19. NickNobody847

    Could You Guys Recommend Me Some Good Video Editors?

    Could You Guys Please Recommend Me Some Good Video Editors So I Could Edit My YouTube Videos And My TikTok Videos?
  20. N

    Other Morshu Beatbox to Ievann Polkka - Morshu RTX On | Cosmic Turtle

    Morshu Beatbox to Ievann Polkka - Morshu RTX On | Cosmic Turtle
  21. DeBub

    Request for a Short Video Review

    Hey there, so i've been working on this the past 2 days Non-Stop but haven't done a YouTube Video before, so i want it to be really good and most importantly to not turn people away in the first 15 seconds. It is a Love-Letter-Like Review for a Old RPG (Secret of Mana) the video itself, is just...
  22. ado kora

    Nature channel and 4K drone video of nature, please feedback!

    Hello, I started working on the channel 3 weeks ago. a. I want to take shots of nature, sounds with some nice ambiance, all videos on the channel will be my production, except for the first video. b. In addition to these videos, I make a 4k drone nature video of course. I plan to work on one...
  23. kevinjonescreates

    Wireless HDMI Video! Hollyland Mars 300 Pro

    Hey All, Would love to hear some feedback on my newest video. do you use wireless HDMI at all?
  24. D

    I figure out how to make animation text in video faster

    I begin to learn create mogrt 3 months ago and this is my first mogrt. I really want to share to everyone. With this mogrt animating text popup in video using Premiere pro will much more easier than ever. And especially, You can make your own favorite font list and switch between them...
  25. G

    Youtube stuck in processing for hours

    So ive been uploading a 10 minute 1080p video @60hz to my channel, and it uploads fine, but when processing it zooms down the bar before stopping completely at 68%, 2 minutes remaining. I then went outside, stayed for a while, came back in, watched some videos, went back outside, had lunch, and...
  26. B

    How to record video with 1280x1024

    Hi, i want to make videos but for now i have 1280x1024 monitor and i was wondering what is a good way to record a video. Should i record at full screen and then resize the video so it is 720p or capture 720 screen? Maybe just upload at screen resolution? I tried full screen then resize to 1080p...
  27. EnCR

    Music New Chanel With NoCopyright Music/sound

    Hello my name is Eddie I'm starting new YouTube Channel and whant to collaborat with someone who interesting. My Channel is New So don't Have a lot of Views. Thanks you.
  28. Merciiless

    Gaming Collabs?

    Anyone wanna collaborate with my friends and I? We play console Siege mostly.
  29. F

    Camera for POV walking

    I am looking for a camera and microphone to record POV walking. Anyone got a tip? Been looking at gopro and other, but gopro got some sideways stabelizing problems from what I could read. So what would you recommend?
  30. SLAV PL

    Second video, something different

    I did my second video. Feedback would be nice:)