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As a new YouTuber, you upload your first video. Moments later, you get a comment. What does it say? Usually compliments about your video. You might be really happy. But DONT. In most cases, these video complimentors are BOTS!!! It is easy to prove if It's a bot or not. If you see a repeating script saying ''nice video'', ''loved it'' or even ''wanna be friends'', That is a bot. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THESE CHANNELS!!! If you subscribe, you might get your account deleted or hacked. Usually, these bot's channels have a bunch of videos on their home page, But NOTHING in their upload sections. Those videos are usually copied videos from other creators like MR BEAST or PEWDIEPIE, ETC. That is to attract users and get them to sub to their channels. If you see those comments in your comment section, I HIGHLY recommend to NOT REPLY OR LIKE OR DISLIKE THAT COMMENT! You can also end up being hacked. Just simply report it, and delete it, that's all. If your comment section is getting tens of bot comments, that is the time to turn of comments for that video.