1. J

    Other Im looking for someone who does youtube and after effects tips and tutorials

    Hey my name i Jm1 and i have a channel with 170+ subs and is growing fast.Im looking for someone that has 150+ sub with atlease 50+ views on your videos. i want to do a cross promotion and Online Collaborations. I do youtube típs and im also a cod editor. channel name: Jm1
  2. JCamb

    Any Ideas for a milestone video?

    I had recently hit 700 subscribers but I don't have any ideas of a video, Any suggestions?
  3. AMX Gaming

    Little Nightmares | 10th Time Is The Charm (Part 2)

    Little Nightmares - in this little nightmares gameplay we continue with a very cool puzzle that gives me a tough time due to depth perception problems, once we get past that the headaches don't stop as we still need to find our way past a huge eye and also use a mop bucket with supplies to sneak...
  4. AMX Gaming

    DOTA 2 - A Noob's Beginning

    Welcome to my first ever DOTA 2 gameplay, there will be fails, funny moments and a whole lot of frustration as i begin my journey to get good and hopefully learn the ropes of this game, we go blind no practice against experienced players, how well can we play this game? find out in this DOTA 2 -...
  5. Sladee

    I don't know what I did wrong.

    So I uploaded a new video on my channel and I was experimenting with the style of content I wanted to upload. I had a video out where I just recorded some GTA Gameplay and I was very Vulgar, which people seemed to like, but it made me feel really guilty resorting to harsh words inorder to get...
  6. AMX Gaming

    Little Nightmares | Skinny Legs Josey (Part 1)

    Little Nightmares | Skinny Legs Josey is the first of many episodes to come of little nightmares a strange but fun adventure, puzzle creepy game with a little bit of horror but much more fun along the way, we begin our weird adventure with a strange dream, what is the mystery behind that dream...
  7. B

    Sound "cut" after inserting a new video

    I've been lurking around here whenever I needed assistance with my video editing and the community has always been helpful and nice to everyone. I decided to join here to ask you kind folk if you could help me with a slight problem which I'm having. I'm new to video editing and I only do basic...
  8. christophergainz

    Vlog Collaboration

    Hello, I want to start an amazing Youtube channel as vlogging is trending. I haven't posted much, and it's of normal quality as I'm not tech savvy. Anyone who is would be awesome. Would love to create a channel and see where it takes us. Thank you. Christopher.
  9. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 - The Missing Episode

    This is a Missing Episode from Outlast 2 that i didn't wanna upload for reasons mentioned in the video but i'll show you guys the struggle and how angry this section was making me, the game glitched pretty bad and you guys will see what happened. Thank you for watching this Outlast 2 The...
  10. AMX Gaming

    AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off

    Have you ever wanted to take a girls clothes off without getting in trouble? well, you came to the right place, watch as we take on more evil duers and strip them down as punishment in this Akiba's Trip gameplay AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off This suburban Tokyo ward's...
  11. AMX Gaming

    Layers Of Fear - Inheritance - Up In Smoke - Ending

    It's long overdue but this is the Layers Of Fear Inheritance dlc final episode, sadly it turned out to be way shorter than i figured but we finally beat the game and the ending is very weird to me personally, let me know what you think, did we get the good ending?
  12. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Final Episode | Lucifer's Son

    This is the Outlast 2 Ending, Finale, Final Episode of this amazing series wher i for one had so much fun and scares along the way, thank you guys so much for hanging in there and the awesome support through out every outlast 2 gameplay video, we find Lynn, but now we have to escape. will we...
  13. Pedro Nascimento

    RAW Video Post Production - MLV to DNG

    Hello to you all By the title of the video you already know that I shoot RAW video. 1 - So usually I shoot raw video on my Canon 5D Mark III using Magic Lantern, the video is saved on my card as MLV. 2 - Then using MLRawViewer v1.3.3 I convert the MLV video to DNG stills. 3 - Then on Adobe...
  14. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Val Is Seducing Me

    in this Outlast 2 gameplay we continue through the mines where more scary monsters and chases await us as we try to find a way out of this place, this time we don't go to the school but it gets scary enough in the mines where we don't need to, we also meet up with val along the way, he seems to...
  15. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Running For My Life...Again

    It's time to run for our life once again, what's new right? in this outlast 2 gameplay video we continue from the school this time we see a bit more of how Jessica might have been murdered, along the way something is trying to stop us and chase us until we die, things also get intense in Arizona...
  16. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 - Tongue Action

    That's right you guys we get some tongue action on this outlast 2 gameplay, the scares continue don't worry, lol. We find the raft we almost lost, have flashbacks to the school and the scalled camp. Things get scary quick, intense chases and a whole lot of fun to be had in this outlast 2 video
  17. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Skull Island

    In this Outlast 2 Let's Play - We continue after having to have used a rope to escape the Scalled trying to kill us and find a river where we must travel alone and in the dark, we have a flashback to the school and we then end up in skull island where many dead are spiked as a warning or...
  18. Davetp

    Request Needing a New Intro for my Brand New Show (Dave & Co)

    Hey Guys its me Davetp, and I have a request for you guys. I am currently working on a brand new show called: Dave & Co where I along with several 'characters' (also played by me) will be involved in several sketches all related to a common theme, However my skills are in Graphic Design not...
  19. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Buried Alive

    Oh no....buried alive? that's right you guys we get buried alive in this outlast 2 gameplay, as we move forward in the game we are still finding our way out of this scalled village including trying to escape from laird and nick, and along the way we get buried watch how it happens in this...
  20. SheepDreams


    Plz guve me da lykes b0s, I need new meth.
  21. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Terror In The Scalled Village

    Hello everybody Outlast 2 is back this time we travel through the Scalled Village where so many people are infected by something unknown to us at this point. watch how the people here ended up almost like a zombie, very crazy. get ready for more scares, intense moments and running for our life...