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Hello, I want to start an amazing Youtube channel as vlogging is trending. I haven't posted much, and it's of normal quality as I'm not tech savvy. Anyone who is would be awesome. Would love to create a channel and see where it takes us. Thank you.

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Hey! Im actually trying to start a collab channel because I haven't really been posting as often as i would like. Hopefully this would inspire me to post a lot more and we can help each other out. As of right now i have 24 subscribers. Idk if that information is important to you or not
Hi! I would be willing to collab too! maybe you could get back to me and figure something out... I have 1 subscriber now, but before I took a break from YouTube I had quite a few followers! I think a collab would be a great way to get started again and get my main channel more attention from a variety of viewers!