1. Junius


    I'm looking for London based Youtubers to put together a "VlogSquad", "Sidemen" type of group. The group will be a tight knit group of about 5-10 YouTubers and together we'll come up with video ideas, do huge collabs like real life games, challenges and anything else we can think of. Everyone...
  2. Junius

    Meet Up/Gathering YOUTUBERS in LONDON

    I'm looking for London based Youtubers to put together a "VlogSquad", "Sidemen" type of group. The group will be a tight knit group of about 5-10 YouTubers and together we'll come up with video ideas, do huge collabs like real life games, challenges and anything else we can think of. Everyone...
  3. C

    Can I get feedback on my channel?

    Hey all! I am Lewis and I have been making travel-related videos for quite some time. I really enjoy making content, editing and YouTube has actually helped me find a hidden passion in filming - which I decided to take further by studying it at Uni! My channel is here However, even though I...
  4. R

    Vlog PAID - Looking for Tokyo resident collaboration with a vlog video | Japanese channel

    Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Lucas and I'm representing the company Rainmakers. We are a company working with marketing, digital products and entertainment for digital platforms. Right now we are looking for a collaboration for our channel. We are looking for an English speaker living in...
  5. Atheno

    Comedy Looking for Connecticut Comedic Vloggers/Prank channels for collab!

    Looking for Connecticut Comedic Vloggers/Prank channels for collab! Send me a message on insta "atheno_yt".
  6. P

    Need help with monetizing

    Hi, me and my girlfriend have almost 2500 subscribers yet only 85 watch hours. Our goal is to be monetized but we are struggling to get viewers. Any suggestions to increase watch time fast
  7. MasterDF

    Mukbang on Accutane: Month 3-5

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  8. MasterDF

    Mukbang on Accutane: Month 3-5

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  9. MattDB


    Looking for vloggers in Vancouver and surrounding area to meetup and shoot a collaboration video, msg me or email me. m.db @ me. com
  10. PansGaming

    Just getting back into vlogging and would like some feedback on my first vlog in years.

    So I used to have a vlogging channel back in the day and did regular vlogs and more IRL content than anything else before I moved over to making gaming content. Recently I've been moving back to making IRL content like climbing progress stuff and today I recorded my first vlog for years. I...
  11. B

    Vlog I would like to collaborate

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG07CQM6OeyNghnyUGxz3EQ/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG07CQM6OeyNghnyUGxz3EQ/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG07CQM6OeyNghnyUGxz3EQ/ The channel was created a few days ago. I have a stock of videos for the future. The channel is actively promoting on...
  12. F

    Vlog UK SUMMER MEETUP 2020

    Hey guys i was thinking... Would anyone be interested in doing like a big youtuber / youtuber fans meetup in England in the summer ( was thinking probably july or August in London ( easiest to get to with coaches/trains etc) I was thinking we could all meetup up/do a vlog and stuff and make...
  13. F

    YAY! 1k Subs :D

    So i have a weight loss journey/ lifestyle vlog channel and ive just gotten my 1k Sub goal , ive been at 4k hours reached for ages so was just waiting on my 1k :D So excited !
  14. xBlazingStar94x

    Adventure Vlog to Sea Life!

    I recently took a trip to London and on the last day we decided to visit Sea Life at Westminster Bridge. I had never been to an aquariam so I was quite excited. I originally started taking photographs but they just didn't capture the full experience so I decided to take some videos and later...
  15. R

    Vlogging in the United States. (I'm from Canada)

    If I am vlogging in the united states for my youtube channel, would I need some kind of work permit? has anyone ever traveled somewhere and made a video in another country? If so where would I get one?
  16. O

    Vlog Starting a new exiting vlog - HELP NEEDED!

    Hello guys thanks for taking the time out of your day to see if you can be of assistance. A few friends and started a business in an exotic pet market about a year prior. We'd also like to get a vlog started to increase our customer base and to provide more content to our fans. We have...
  17. 2desitravelers

    New York Travel Series - vlog 01 #NYC

    This travel series is of our New York vacation. In this vlog I have covered our travel from California to New York and how to use pulic transport from JFK airport to Manhattan. We stayed in Night hotel which was right there at Time Square. Whole vlog is captured through my phone Samsung note 09.
  18. Bentura Madrid

    Uploading Everyday!

    I'm doing an experiment for the month of September, we'll see how it goes :0)
  19. MasterDF

    Reading Green-text Poop Stories

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  20. Howard Wilson

    Feedback on video of us in the Philippines

    Hey guys, We are just starting back on our YT channel it revolves around traveling, doing dope activities, and of course all the epic food we encounter! We would love to get some feedback on the overall quality on our latest video. We want honest feedback is good or bad is welcomed. Thank you in...
  21. KerrysWorld

    Fudge Testing The Town

    This is the first Time we have gone out into public to hold an experiment but we had quite a good time doing it! I can’t believe how much better our videos are doing and just a few months ago. A lot of this is thanks to interacting with the community on YouTube and YouTube an Time we have gone...
  22. 2desitravelers

    Vlog Any Youtube Traveler from California for collab ?

    Hi, I am a youtube traveler from San Jose and my channel name is 2desitravelers. If you are into traveling and in California, let me know if interested in any traveling collab video. Thanks, 2desitraveler
  23. thatbejinxx

    Vlog Any small youtubers down to collab??

    Hey guys, im a small youtuber/musician who recently started to vlog and do other things for content behind the camera. I'm from LA. Im just looking for some friends/ someone to collaborate with and just help each other grow. Good vibes.
  24. Skulletgirl

    I'm back on YT!

    I'll be uploading new content this weekend. My last video here. Please have a look!
  25. T

    Vlog Meet Up & Collab

    Meet Up - Culver's at Richland Center, WI Must have Driver's License and/or ride Be 100 subs, at least If you have camera, bring it Do cool challenges for each others channels HAVE FUN!
  26. edcwolfpack88

    Have you all seen the new switchpod?

    What do you all think of the switchpod? If you don't know about it it's a new vlogging tripod. Would it be something you would buy? I did a review of it, but I'm definitely curious if vloggers alike will love it or not.
  27. edcwolfpack88

    Have any of you bought Sean Cannell's VRA program?

    Hey everyone. I'm a big fan of Sean's channel. He has a lot of great info for free. I came across his program. It's looks pretty interesting but of course you don't see any real testimonials except current students that gave a biased testimonial. Have any of you bought it?
  28. B

    Vlog TN vloggers?

    Are there any vloggers 18+ around Jackson, TN? I’m down for whatever other than just hanging out and talking. My goal is to be productive and achieve as much as possible. Someone I preferably would want to collab with is someone that is open to doing funny or possibly reckless entertainment. I...
  29. N

    Would it be okay if I keep on bugging social media friends to sub me?

    I really have no idea in growing a YouTube Chanel - I maybe dumb for this. But with all honesty, all I do is ask my friends in social media to sub me and support my channel. However, I noticed that they are now ignoring my messages and posts. I think I made a mistake. Can you recommend a better...
  30. James BB

    Vlog The Summer of 2019!!!

    Hi, my name is James and I'm 16 years old and live in Oxfordshire, England. This year I'm taking my GCSE's and have a 15 week summer where I really want to boost my channel. Currently my channel sits on 200 subscribers, it use to be more but I took a long break and currently have no videos after...
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