I'm looking for London based Youtubers to put together a "VlogSquad", "Sidemen" type of group.

The group will be a tight knit group of about 5-10 YouTubers and together we'll come up with video ideas, do huge collabs like real life games, challenges and anything else we can think of. Everyone that is part of the group will record and post to their own channel.

There is no fixed name for this group yet but all collaboraters in the group will have an equal say in coming up with the name and making group decision down the road.

If you're interested, I've left the requirements to join the group below, DM me on reddit with a link to your channel.

  • Existing YouTube channel
  • ~200 subs or above
  • Consistent video posting (minimum weekly uploads)
  • Based in London and able to travel for collabs