Can I get feedback on my channel?


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Hey all! I am Lewis and I have been making travel-related videos for quite some time. I really enjoy making content, editing and YouTube has actually helped me find a hidden passion in filming - which I decided to take further by studying it at Uni!

My channel is here

However, even though I love it that much, my channel never seems to grow. I have watched all the videos there is on "How to grow my YouTube channel" and done everything, I believe I can possibly do.

Created engaging Thumbnails ✔
Promoted over Social Media ✔
Interacted with like-minded people ✔

I even created a blogging website last year to help grow on other platforms.

However, it doesn't matter how much I grind, I don't seem to get anywhere.

So, I am going to desperate measures and asking if lovely folk using these forums can check my channel out and give me honest feedback on how to beat YouTube's force against small channels.

Thanks, much appreciated,
I have always believed in that. I think that eventually I'd hit a certain Subscriber mark or bring out a certain series and everything will just come together. It is just hard to stay motivated during this pandemic.

Thanks for the reply :)