1. C

    Can I get feedback on my channel?

    Hey all! I am Lewis and I have been making travel-related videos for quite some time. I really enjoy making content, editing and YouTube has actually helped me find a hidden passion in filming - which I decided to take further by studying it at Uni! My channel is here However, even though I...
  2. Actually Anna

    First Q&A

    Hi! I’m wondering how I would go about filming my first Q&A and what questions I would answer? Thanks!
  3. Billy Bob Vlogs

    Short Film 6.2K Subscriber Channel looking to collaborate Virginia Beach Boardwalk

    My name is Johanna, I like short films, vlogging, camping, bushcraft, beach activities especially metal detecting. Preferably I'm looking for another female to collaborate with in a short film, and vice versa. Check out my channel, contact me through my youtube channel.
  4. The Matt Diaries

    Production Timeline

    How long do you spend producing videos? By that I mean from pre-production to uploading.
  5. helloimtim

    doing it for the $$$

    Why are so many people only making videos to become rich or popular on YouTube. What happened to just making your videos because you love filming the stuff you do? I see so many threads where people are asking each other how much money they make or if they are "making full time money".. I'm...
  6. Courtney Candice

    Softbox or ring light?

    I'm looking into buying lights for my camera , right I'm only using natural lighting and it looks beautiful, but there's a few cons to it like when I need to film and the weather isn't the best so then I can't film a video and In the winter the lighting is going to be terrible. What type of...
  7. UnboxingSve

    If you are making your videos with smartphone, then you need to have this item!

    Best smartphone stabilizer for only 125$, check my detailed review on it:
  8. TheMix

    When do you like to Film??

    When it comes to filming videos when is your favorite time? Do you like to do it outside, indoors, at night, or during golden hour? That's just a few of the tons of options but you can see where i'm coming from. I would like to hear from as many people as I can. Personally, we like to film...
  9. TheFanDubFan

    What happens before vloggers start filming?

    I'm really wondering what vloggers do before they start filming, because I'm a starting vlogger (I want to try it because it's fun), but it always gets really awkward when I'm around people and I want to start filming. Do other vloggers just turn on their camera and start filming without...
  10. enyiie

    Camera for vlogging?

    Hi guys! I'm thinking of doing a lot of travelling this year around Europe and doing an exchange. I wanted to vlog my travels and was wondering what you guys use to film? I currently use my Canon EOS 70D but thats way to big to carry around everywhere. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of getting...
  11. M

    How do you find the time to YouTube?

    Hello all, I started my channel a while ago and due to lack of motivation and lack of time I had to stop, now I'm trying to get back into it and I'm definitely more motivated and I thought I had more time but life just seems to get in the way! I'd love to be a fulltime youtuber but...
  12. Pedro Nascimento

    I can't decide which lense is best! Need some Help!

    Hello guys, I needed some help choosing between two lenses Which one has more quality? EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM It if for filming RAW with a Canon 5D Mark III Thank you in advance for any reply Pedro
  13. Jakerandy1144

    What to do when your film crew isn't on the same page?

    Working with a film crew hasn't been easy, recently its been a struggle to work with one another because some of us feel as if they are more passionate than others. We've been trying harder to create more quality content but sometimes that means pushing one another to work harder and thats where...
  14. Yoursharkfriend

    How do you guys film? Do you DIY or have a cameraman?

    Hello everyone! I'm wondering how you guys film, I get how for gaming videos it's pretty obvious but still feel free to explain our set up as I find it interesting :) Anyway, for those of you who do cooking, beauty, stories and especially fashion and lookbooks. Do you have a camera person or do...
  15. O

    My Film business Thoughts & Opinions

    Hello, I'm going to be ramping up my Business channel for my Film Business. Here are some of my ideas but would like to get your opinions so I can have a good channel that's organized for others who are interested. 1. I will uploading Filming Advice (Tutorials, Camera Advice, etc) 2. Upload...

    Vlogging/montage channel needing feedback!

    Hey! I'm a pretty new VLOGGING YouTuber (although I've been filming and editing various videos for over a year now) and I need your HELP. The link to my CHANNEL is: I currently only have one VIDEO and would like to ask that you, please...
  17. Scandinavian Freckles

    Should I wait ?

    Hi, I was wondering a few things and hopefully you guys can help ! I am currently self employed and don't really have enough money to buy all the great equipment and stuff so up until now I have filmed a few videos on my phone ( Samsung Grand Prime) and the quality isn't the great but I want to...
  18. Ayden TravelsandToys

    Do YouTubers sleep?

    Between doing the activity and filming, making/editing videos, and advertising in addition to work, school, and family duties, how many hours are you sleeping every night (or day)?
  19. Sunsbookishgamesx

    hey guys tell me about your filming routines

    I film on Wednesdays i take a whole day out to set up and film all day, ill get about 3 - 4 videos don't and edit!
  20. mycatismyfriend

    I need some help with my DSLR camera!

    Hi! I am having some trouble with my camera. I use a CANON 1100D, and just the standard lens it comes with. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to change the settings to get more of a blurry background/sharper video picture! I don't know what buttons to press to change the ios etc. My...
  21. BethPatersonYT

    Finding the best camera?

    Hey guys :) Today I've decided to start researching the best cameras to film with so that i can get my YT channel up and running. I already have lights to film with but not the camera yet so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what cameras are good to film with. Thank You :)
  22. Julius Gacgacao

    What do you do when the weather, ruins your plans??

    Ok so I had a really big film project that I had planned on February 19th. But it snowed last night and I'm worried that it's gonna stop us from filming. I film with my cousin and he lives 1 hour away, so I can't go to his house whenever I want. My question is: What do you do when the...
  23. Rails2Revolution

    Getting Permission To Film

    So, Short version: Does anyone know the proper way to ask a property owner for permission to film on their premise? Especially with the intention of doing so repeatedly in the future. So far we haven't had any luck. Long version: We've started heading down the sketch comedy route for one of...
  24. M

    Utilising a Blu-screen with an IKEA Markus chair?! :)

    Hey guys, thank you so much for clicking on this thread. :) I want to utilise a setup with chroma-keying being a part of it all. I've got it all down - the background itself, lighting and so on - except for one crucial part that's a major deal-breaker if it's not dealt with. I've got an IKEA...