I Love YTtalk

I'm going to be ramping up my Business channel for my Film Business. Here are some of my ideas but would like to get your opinions so I can have a good channel that's organized for others who are interested.

1. I will uploading Filming Advice (Tutorials, Camera Advice, etc)

2. Upload my finished films and behind the scenes clips

3. Upload Royalty Free content for others to use. Lots will be 100 percent free others will need to be purchased.

Here is where I need your help.

Since I'm super busy filming all the time I don't have the time to actually follow a schedule on a daily basis. I'm editing for clients as well as for my own films.

Should I A. Announce I will post all Filming Advice when I have the time and my finished films have a schedule or B. Not announce anything and just upload when I have content done?

Regarding Royalty Free content should I have that on a separate channel or should I keep it on the same channel as my other filming content?


I think you should have the royalty free music on a separate channel as it may get confusing to others.
Also, I don't think you should dedicate a whole video on an announcement for film advice - instead includ it in your channel trailer :) That way people will know what's coming and they should expect to see it in the near future.

Hope this helped!
You're the first film channel that I have seen around here. My boyfriend has been looking everywhere to connect with other filmmakers and he never finds anyone else lol. I'd love if you swung by his channel Munesh Ramnarine (he's in my featured channels :3) - he has all of his shorts and other film projects on his channel.
I agree that separating film and royalty free content will be helpful for people looking for such things. Also, I never find announcement videos all that helpful. Usually, viewers are pretty savvy and can see when things have been uploaded. :)