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I'm really wondering what vloggers do before they start filming, because I'm a starting vlogger (I want to try it because it's fun), but it always gets really awkward when I'm around people and I want to start filming.

Do other vloggers just turn on their camera and start filming without notifying the people around them? Or do they first say something like "guys, I'm going to vlog for a second okay?" Because that's what I'm doing now, and I get really awkward looks and questions because people get confused like "are you going to film me?" "What are you filming for?" "What's happening?" "But I have nothing to say" and that ruins my enthusiasm and everything just gets awkward lol.
just mention that you're filming and if they don't want to be in it they can move to the side or if its going to have music played over it you can just mute them. don't let them stop you from filming what you want to film!
It's always a little awkward, with strangers around, I just go for it and shoot and have never had any issues. With friends or friends or family who may be more directly in it, I give them a quick heads up and they can decide if they wanna be around in the frame or not. Good luck!
just pretend you're in a phone call. haha. actually just tell them the truth and don't put them in if they don't want
I had this problem at first myself, if its people I know i usually tell them im going to vlog and they make fun of me and i continue with what im doing, out in public, who cares what people think. Think of it this way, those random people in public could be a fan of yours one day, who knows, so have fun with it!