1. Brettinator

    How To Start Your Channel

    Hey! I just made my channel recently and I already know what I want to do (weekday vlogs, with a special video, not vlog related every other week(I already have some scripts written out)). But I'm too afraid to start... My main concern is that I won't be able to be consistent or I will forget to...
  2. T

    Good games to record

    Any suggestions for Good reliable games or popular games for a starting youtuber
  3. TheFanDubFan

    What happens before vloggers start filming?

    I'm really wondering what vloggers do before they start filming, because I'm a starting vlogger (I want to try it because it's fun), but it always gets really awkward when I'm around people and I want to start filming. Do other vloggers just turn on their camera and start filming without...
  4. T

    Comedy Starting YTer looking for messed up ppl like myself to collab with

    What's up my least favorite animal! Recently I've started a new youtube channel with the main focus on comedy. I've been looking for ppl to do collaborations with and this seems like a good platform to raise my voice. I've just started a couple of weeks ago, so I barely have any subscribers. My...
  5. M

    Gaming Looking for pc collab.

    i am looking for someone who plays pc games like GTA 5, minecraft, Gmod and more. i am looking for someone of the age of 14 to 16 and i am a 15 years old male. also i live in UK. steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49818862 (google this to find my account.) steam name: mathew20113
  6. SkillsUnHeard

    Hey guys, any tips for me to reach my first 100 subs!

    Hello everyone, I'm SkillsUnHeard and i've been on Youtube since November 2016 now but i only just started uploading commentaries last week. I am mainly a Call of Duty Channel but i also do let's plays. I was wondering if any of u guys or girls have any tips for me to gain subscribers it would...
  7. Sauceboi

    Starting a Channel (Not mine i found this and decided to share it)

    1. Find your Niche. If you have decided you want to make YouTube videos, make sure to find your niche, meaning what you want to record and upload. Me personally, as well as hundreds of others, is gaming. I love gaming, it is a very popular thing that in my opinion has grown YouTube to what it...
  8. Scooterbean Videos

    Describe the Moment You Knew YouTube Was Your Thing

    Just a thread I think might bring a little inspiration by reading all the baby YouTuber stories. For me I knew I wanted to do YouTube after I realized I needed something to put myself out there. Something to help with slight social anxiety. I already had tons of ideas for sketches but I was...
  9. Fusion

    Gaming Collab for Warframe, Town of Salem or other free games

    Hey, I am a start up YouTuber who likes to collab with some other youtubers. Because I only have twelve subs I think the larger channels aren't really that interested in me ( but if want to you can always collab with me) so I am looking for other small channels. I am looking to play some...
  10. J

    New channel, new ideas.. Hold on!

    Hello everybody! I got little question to people who are already into YouTube vlogs, movies, all this kinda stuff. I'm moving out to LA closely soon right after school graduate. YouTube's on my mind for bit longer time and it still remains its existence in my aspirations that I'm gonna begin...
  11. AlbaLnz

    About Stats and Friends (we all have suffered that, people)

    Yeah... we always get kinda obsessed with Subscribers, views, followers and all that. But that will certainly kill you.