1. K

    Vlog Hi I just started my channel :)

    I hope you dont mind a visit :)
  2. davidquayle


    Hey guys, brand new to this group. I started my life, travel and fitness-based vlog channel 1 year ago, David Quayle VLOGS, and have uploaded a video every Monday for the last year without missing a single Monday. I have 227 subs and average 130-140 views a video I'd say. How does this compare...
  3. danielrosehill

    1080P webcam with decent built in mic?

    Hi YouTubers, I have a Youtube channel for my writing business in which I share a few tips and thoughts for my clients. The videos really aren't fancy. Just me speaking into a camera - vlogs basically. But they're nice resources to be able to share on LinkedIn and embed in newsletters. My...
  4. BrettTaylorYT

    What is THE BEST vlogging camera?

    I’m considering getting either the Canon m50 or the Canon G7X Mark ii. Here’s what I’m thinking, the G7X can fit in my pocket, so I wouldn’t have to bring a camera bag wherever I go and I could do more impromptu vlogs, but there’s a fixed lens, so I can’t really “grow” with it, and it doesn’t...
  5. Bentura Madrid

    What two questions would you ask someone to understand who they truly are?

    Latest video, enjoy!
  6. Bentura Madrid

    Uploading Everyday!

    I'm doing an experiment for the month of September, we'll see how it goes :0)
  7. V

    Get your videos rewarded accodingly!

    Hi, everyone! :blush: We’re VlogBox — a global video content distribution and monetization company driven to bring high monetization profits to creative video bloggers and YouTubers! :coolshades: In the era of cord-cutters advanced TV is dominating the digital world, so we are up to help you...
  8. T

    Vlog Meet Up & Collab

    Meet Up - Culver's at Richland Center, WI Must have Driver's License and/or ride Be 100 subs, at least If you have camera, bring it Do cool challenges for each others channels HAVE FUN!
  9. edcwolfpack88

    Have you all seen the new switchpod?

    What do you all think of the switchpod? If you don't know about it it's a new vlogging tripod. Would it be something you would buy? I did a review of it, but I'm definitely curious if vloggers alike will love it or not.
  10. edcwolfpack88

    Have any of you bought Sean Cannell's VRA program?

    Hey everyone. I'm a big fan of Sean's channel. He has a lot of great info for free. I came across his program. It's looks pretty interesting but of course you don't see any real testimonials except current students that gave a biased testimonial. Have any of you bought it?
  11. DLA

    Vlog Paid Work! We need a vlogger to give up social media for 5 days and film it for an educational video

    Hi Everyone! We’re in search of a vlogger who’s willing to give up social media for 5 days and vlog about it! We are Digital Learning Associates and we work with a range of YouTubers and filmmakers and pay to license their content for short educational videos for English language...
  12. James BB

    Vlog The Summer of 2019!!!

    Hi, my name is James and I'm 16 years old and live in Oxfordshire, England. This year I'm taking my GCSE's and have a 15 week summer where I really want to boost my channel. Currently my channel sits on 200 subscribers, it use to be more but I took a long break and currently have no videos after...
  13. J

    Comedy Looking for collab

    hey guys so Im looking for channels to collaborate with, I have 145 subscribers. Im not looking for anything specific really. If you have like a really big subscriber count or if you have been doing youtube for a long time. Id love to interview you, or if you have anything in mind Id like to...
  14. Dutchie Abroad

    Vlog Moving to Melbourne Australia!

    Hey everyone! So yesterday I booked my ticket; on the 14th of February I'm flying to Australia to spend the coming 1 or 2 years there! I'll be moving in with my boyfriend in Melbourne, though we're not sure if that is where we'll stay. Are there any Australian Youtubers on this forum? Cause I'd...
  15. R

    Vlog Midlands UK vlogger, 3k subs, looking for collabs! (Motorbikes, Cars, fun stuff!)

    Hi All, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone local-ish is up for collaborating on some youtube videos and some photography for channel art/Instagram etc, really want to step up my game and take YT a bit more seriously but its hard out here lol. As said in title, my channel is mostly...
  16. R

    Vlog Any YouTubers currently travelling Africa? Looking for dope people to collab with :)

    Hey ho! I'm currently travelling down the african west coast and it would be amazing to travel or collab with one of you guys to create some dope videos :) If you're not in Africa or travelling full-time, no worries! Just reach out to me, I'd love to exchange and connect with you anyway :)...

    I just Uploaded My 400th VLOG!

    Hi everyone, I just uploaded my 400th VLOG. I can't believe that I have vlogged my life that many times. I truly am dedicated to this YouTube thing and nothing will stop me from upload hundreds of more videos.
  18. J

    Vlog New VlogSquad?

    Hello there!! My name is Justin and I used to make vlogs not that long ago lol. So you may have heard of David Dobrik and his VlogSquad. Well I was thinking maybe there should be a new VlogSquad in town?! If you are over the age of 18 and live in or close to LA message me! Maybe we can be the...
  19. D

    IVF & Raising awareness for miscarriage and family channel

    Hi there, Myself and my husband have had many years of IVF and although successful on 3 occasions have sadly resulted in miscarriages. Soon we are to start a new ivf journey. We wish to create a YOUTUBE channel to put our story out there. Share our new IVF journey and share a charity that we...
  20. kelvin martinez

    My very first Vlog! Would love some feedback

  21. P

    100 Subscribers accepted

    Hello giys my name is Philipp im 19 Years old, and i Have aproved 100 subs on my YouTube channel on 4 weeks. Im from Germany, and i recorded vlogs about my life in Germany, you can see the problems in Germany and the best site. But i uploaded challenges with me and my grildfriend to. Look here...
  22. theResidentPsychopath

    Vlog Any vlogs in Maine?

    I am looking for vloggers in the State of Maine to subscribe to. I intend to move out that way from Illinois within the next 4 years, and I can't find enough content on YouTube in Maine. Sure there's content, but not a lot. It definitely has a void to be filled.
  23. mrroy44

    What (cinematic) camera('s) are best for me?

    Hi there! I'm new here and new to vlogging. I understand that the question I'm going to ask probably doesn't have one ultimate answer, but I'm going to ask anyway. I am a professional photographer, and shooting with two Canon 5d III and I got a fair amount of high quality lenses. But, last...
  24. Makaylajanee


    im a new mommy with a new channel mainly about vlogging and lifestyle videos and would love to find some new mommas on YT! XOXO
  25. Johnjackallen

    Exploring the British seaside town of Skegness! (Funny!)

    So I love to explore, and I love the seaside, and I love Vlogging, so this was a great day! Hopefully you like this! Or if you don't like it, please let me know why you didn't, I want to improve and make people laugh and smile! Thanks!
  26. Brittneytaylorwg

    Vlogging with a dslr? Opinions?

    I don't have a vlog camera and my phone has no space (well enough to film longer than 5 minutes) and I was wondering what everyone's personal thoughts were on blogging in public or in general with your dslr camera instead of a simple point and shoot or a simple digital camera. I personally think...
  27. Aimee Rondeau

    Vlog Vlog Collab or Team

    Hello! I have been wanting to start making videos, as well as a possible corresponding podcast, for a long time now but would prefer to do it with a partner or even a small team. My ideas are pretty versatile from sit down talk videos discussing general things and interests, like tv shows...
  28. ZaGreenScene

    Vlog Vlog Collab Chicago area!

    Heyo everyone, I just started a new YT channel called ZaGreenScene! Now I know your thinking, Why would I want to pair up with some new YouTuber? Welp, I think that YouTube is my calling, I just recently got into posting videos, editing, and advertising my channel and the response ive gotten...
  29. ArthurZee

    END SCREENS - not showing on my iphone. Do you know why?

    They show up fine on my laptop, but there is nothing displaying on a mobile. I have a template designed, so now it just looks silly without them. Do you know what needs to be done? thanks in advance, Arthur
  30. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog - Film Channel

    Hi Guys! I post frequent vlogs about my daily life and put a twist on them as a film-maker. Please stop by and let me know if you enjoy!