What (cinematic) camera('s) are best for me?


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Hi there!

I'm new here and new to vlogging.
I understand that the question I'm going to ask probably doesn't have one ultimate answer, but I'm going to ask anyway.

I am a professional photographer, and shooting with two Canon 5d III and I got a fair amount of high quality lenses.
But, last week I made my first vlog, and I noticed that the camera didn't offer me what I needed.

I understand that the type of camera is also a lot depending on what type of vlog you are making.
It doesn't differ that much from photography in that way.
My first vlog was mostly a "family vlog" I was filming my daughter and we were visiting a shop and a market. Nothing special, just her having some fun.

Since I'm a photographer used to working with a DSLR, I want to create images with a cinematic quality.I also want that quality with my vlogs. Of course my two canon bodies offer that quality, but it also had some issues.

Things I really found that could be better where
- Image stabilization (lens or camera)
- autofocus
- every time I did focus with the focus button the footage had some kind of hick up
- It doesn't have a flip screen. Which didn't matter too much at that vlog, but I think it could be handy when I would also film myself
- It doesn't have 4k
- There is no touchscreen focus.

I'm now looking for a new camera to buy for vlogging and hope you guys and girls could give me some advice.
Because if I google for best vlogging camera's I just get some automatically created sites giving links to shops, and not telling me, what camera's really offer what I need and why.

I don't know if there is an ultimate set up for me, so it might be that 2 camera's are even better. One more compact with high quality (and good sound) (the small one would also have to be good for photography with manual settings if possible) and one system or dslr.

It isn't completely the case, but I would like to say that money doesn't matter, to get the best options.
Canon could be nice, because i own a lot of canon lenses, however, none of the (except for the 70-200 is stabilized)

I hope you can help me with some great advice. Also if you think I should need some other equipment like lenses and microphones, please let me know.
If you need some additional information, please let me know

Thanks, Roy.
My apologies but there is no cinematic vlogging!
Every frame a paint does not apply to youtube.

If you can manage a second shooter to record you in flat video in manual focus with your current setup around f2.8 and then grade your footage you will then go cinematic. :) XD :p

I cannot suggest any model the only possibly useful info I can deliver is that you have to forget good or decent audio except you get a prosumer camcorder and higher. And again you cannot rely on build in audio. You will need wired or wireless lavaliers.

What? Wait!.....when youtubing went that expensive? Huh? :p XD

(Welcome! :) )
Lol thanks...That helps ;-)
I'm sure you're right. But there are some camera's that offer a cinematic look and feel to the image, that are pretty close to what you call a vlogging camera too.
And that's more or less what I'm looking for.
I found out that the Sony A7R II comes pretty close. However it doesn't have a flipping screen that you can flip to the front. I don't know about the sound quality if you add an external mic.
Another option might be the 6d II, which offers a god flip screen, but lacks the optical image stabilization, I could use. I don't know if a stabilized lens will be offering good enough quality, and I also don't know if they offer the same cinematic feel to the images. Yes, I could probably add it in post production, but I prefer a quicker option. I own final cut, and I don't think that's good enough to add that cinematic look with color grading. I think I would need after effects, which is more expensive.
Now maybe there is a camera that I didn't consider yet, that offers me all ;-)
However it doesn't have a flipping screen
maybe you can consider an external (small portable) monitor e.g. an atomos version or lower?

I think I would need after effects
If you search youtube you will only find a few tutorials on after effects dependnd to color grading
maybe you must consider premiere that have lumetry meters and panel exaclty for this reason.

I don't know about the sound quality if you add an external mic.
In controllled environments, studio or room an external mic would do the job just right!

Thank you for the reply. Very helpful again. I'm also considering the Panasonic GH5. I'm hearing/reading great things about it.
Panasonic GH5.

Like you I am a Canon user. No experience on any other brands regarding dslrs so i cannot really help on that. But yes people say that Sony and Panasonic got excellent products on mirrorless (i think they are). Keep in mind though that all your canon lenses will need a metabones adapter on other brands. (Extra cost i mean) :)
I know thanks, but it seems that the quality of the raw film footage hits the ball out of the park if you compare the Panasonic GH5 to the Canon 6D, I wish it was different though.
I recently moved from my Nikon DSLR's to a Nikon Coolpix B700 for video. It's got the flip screen, shoots in 4K, and actually has decent audio in the camera. I generally use a Zoom R16 for audio, either with the two built in mics and or a condenser mic on a stand. In a recent video the signal to the Zoom got messed up and after some EQ and editing, the camera audio was surprisingly good. 4K is a game changer for me because of the options it gives in editing to zoom into the frame without losing resolution. I use Adobe Premier Pro for video editing along with Adobe Audition fro audio editing as they work together on the video timeline. Premiere Pro is basically Photoshop for video. Anything you can do in Photoshop with stills you can do in Premiere Pro for video.
I use the Canon G7x Mark II to record all my videos and do some follow up audio editing in audacity