1. H

    Editing in iMovie, settings to export the clip for Youtube cinematic

    Hi I am using iMovie to edit my clips and trying to export my movie to youtube, but upon upload, I find black bars side of my video when viewing in cinematic view. Based on my understanding, iMovie exports in default aspect ratio 16:9. When I check the file info, my .mov file has this...
  2. 2desitravelers

    NEW YORK Cinematic Travel Video !!

    This is the cinematic video of our recent New York trip. I hope you all will like it. We visited lots of places like Times Square, Central Park, The Vessel and many clubs & bars.
  3. Freakygeak20

    Gaming Looking for people who play Fortnite!

    Hi, I'm currently making a cinematic using the Fortnite replay system. I need some people to help me with this as some scenes contain uptill 4 people. I also need people with some specific skins cause I don't have them all. Any help is highly appreciated and your name will ofcourse be in the...
  4. mrroy44

    What (cinematic) camera('s) are best for me?

    Hi there! I'm new here and new to vlogging. I understand that the question I'm going to ask probably doesn't have one ultimate answer, but I'm going to ask anyway. I am a professional photographer, and shooting with two Canon 5d III and I got a fair amount of high quality lenses. But, last...
  5. Tin Salaj

    ABZU | THE MOVIE (No commentary)

    Welcome everyone to my channel and I welcome everyone. This took me quite a while to make about 2-3 days. Hopefully, you will enjoy. It was made to look and feel like a cinematic portrait of a game, because the game is like a movie, so I wanted to make it feel like that and put it in one video...
  6. GaminGit

    I made a Movie (inspired by the movie 'Snatch')

    I'd love to hear your comments and criticisms about any aspect of it too. If bad language offends you, probably best not to watch it! Thanks in advance, Frank (GaminGit)
  7. Vasokan

    Cinematic Style Of Telling This Story? (Inspired by Casey Neistat)

    I was not trying to copy Casey Neistat but he did inspire me to get into vlogging so its only fair to give him credit. You know that instance when you go to a parent teachers interview and they say a whole bunch of crap and when you ask them to give you and example they stare at you. Well this...
  8. George Hudson

    Other New Beginnings - HELP NEEDED!!

    Hi everyone, My name is George and for a while I have been really into poetry and how it brings people together.... Then I came up with this idea for a huge collab! All I need from you is a video in HD of yourself reading a poem. Obviously your channel link will be in the description and will...
  9. A

    Cinematic Music - Land of Anama

    My latest (royalty free) piece. "Anama" is a made up word for a made up location lol.
  10. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog Number 3

    Hey guys! This is my 3rd cinematic vlog where I travel to Nashville. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you! :) >> <<
  11. Puck Mitchell


    Alo Elo there guys, this here is a video I felt appropriate to post on the film and animation as I spend a lot of time editing using Sony Vegas 13. Customising the game-play to fit a cinematic style and add an element of emotion. Anyway, ENJOY.
  12. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    First attempt at cinematic approach!

    Yo guys! I've attempted for the first time to incorporate cinematic features in my newest fitness video. The cinematic editing starts around the 4 minute mark. I would love any feedback/critique/support you guys have! Let me know and thank you so much in advance!! Chur!
  13. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    First Attempt at a Cinematic Workout

    Yo! So this is my first time attempting a cinematic approach to film editing for my fitness videos. I would love some feedback on the editing style, and if you have any feedback/critique I would appreciate that so much! (: Cheers guys, truly. Kieran Hedley
  14. Phunny

    A Space Engine Cinematic

    This is a Space Engine video I made. The first one, to be precise. Just sit back, relax and enjoy! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Phunny

    Space Engine Cinematic

    Well, this is my first cinematic. Took a little while to make! Would like any kind of feedback! Enjoy!
  16. Rjayo

    IF your a Fan of Blizzard games check out my Trailer!

    Hey guys! This is a little trailer i made in tribute of some of the bad guys in the blizzard universe. Please let me know what you think. ill be doing more and more of these type of things so any request or advice fire away!
  17. DukWin

    My Greatest Video So Far! (GTA V Cinematic Music Video). Your feedback is appreciated!

    I have been working on this cinematic music video on Grand Theft Auto V for about a month. The time-lapses were created using the Rockstar Editor and the music was remixed by myself using some game music files. If you can give me some feedback that would mean a lot to me. Thank You!
  18. ursadesign

    The Venturer - An UrsaDesign Original

    Take a trip through our solar system. Remember to like and subscribe!