Vlog Midlands UK vlogger, 3k subs, looking for collabs! (Motorbikes, Cars, fun stuff!)

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Hi All,

Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone local-ish is up for collaborating on some youtube videos and some photography for channel art/Instagram etc, really want to step up my game and take YT a bit more seriously but its hard out here lol.

As said in title, my channel is mostly motorcycle related but i'd vlog about cars, travel vlogging or any of that fun stuff.
Where in the midlands are you I’m based in Nottingham and have just set up to vlog at Aston martin(albeit not driving) and Alpina and I do get to drive that one! Also big biker myself
The OP of this thread hasn't been back to the forums in over 8 weeks, so I've locked this to prevent confusion about active collaborations.
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