1. B

    Vlog Just started my channel.. Any Orlando Vloggers?

    Just started my channel two weeks ago, just looking for tips and tricks and also wondering if there are any vloggers in the Orlando FL area on here. =]
  2. C

    Vlog Ideas?

    Hi! I'm planning on starting up my vlog channel soon but I don't have any ideas! Does anyone have any? If so, please reply with any you might have! It would help a lot!
  3. Nico Natale - iamn3ko

    Other Looking to film an action sports video. Any takers? (LA Area)

    Los Angeles/ SoCal Peeps only please - I need to film some action sports for a production reel. Looking for TALENTED skateboarders, dirtbikers, bmxers, free runners, etc. Anything extreme/awesome let's chat. The way I see it, is you get a free video/vlog/reel out of it, and I get some sick...
  4. christophergainz

    Vlog Collaboration

    Hello, I want to start an amazing Youtube channel as vlogging is trending. I haven't posted much, and it's of normal quality as I'm not tech savvy. Anyone who is would be awesome. Would love to create a channel and see where it takes us. Thank you. Christopher.
  5. ustwovlog

    Vlog New Jersey/Pennsylvania Collaboration?

    Whats up guys? My girlfriend and I are looking to collaborate with some awesome vloggers in the NJ/PA area. We are also a vlog channel and do a lot of outdoor activities, so if you're into nature and traveling hit us up! Looking forward to meeting you!
  6. Farley Productions

    What Do You Think About Vlogging?

    What do you all think about Vlogging? This is my first ever Vlog video. It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I'd like to do some traveling ones in the future but until then I figured there are some other ways to do some vlogs at home/in my area. What do you think?
  7. Elysia

    VERY New to Vlogging

    I would absolutely love if you had any tips and feedback for the vlogs as this is (i believe) only my 3rd one and am still trying to get the hang of it! weather its music, content, message or what have you, let me know how to improve!!
  8. Angel Stage

    Leaving Youtube and then coming back

    So I was doing daily vlogs and I was doing a National day every day but after awhile the stress of doing the national days got to me and I faded out of doing them around the 8 month mark. I took a couple months off and realized how much I still missed vlogging, especially when I would go back...
  9. J-Hill

    How to vlog - a beginners guide.

    I have been on YouTube a long time off and on. I make videos about a multitude of things to do with nerd culture, learning Japanese and I make vlogs. This How to will be short and sweet but I will put a video where i talk about it in more detail at the bottom if you wanna learn more! Prelude...
  10. Kaylee

    What phone to use for vlogging?

    I just started vlogging recently. The camera I'm using isn't that great though and it's huge and hard for me to carry around. It's a Fujifilm Finepix S8630 and was a christmas present a few years ago. It's not a dslr though, and even though it's adequate, I would like something that's easier...
  11. TheFanDubFan

    What happens before vloggers start filming?

    I'm really wondering what vloggers do before they start filming, because I'm a starting vlogger (I want to try it because it's fun), but it always gets really awkward when I'm around people and I want to start filming. Do other vloggers just turn on their camera and start filming without...
  12. Nicky Furmage

    Whats your point and shoot camera of choice?

    Just wondering what everyones using vlogging wise, im looking at purchasing a G7X mk2 in the future. What you using and why what are your thoughts?
  13. S

    Vlogging At Home ?

    I have recently started daily Vlogging but i don't go outside all the time. the only Vlogger i have seen who can vlog at home is Romanatwood.The Vlog that i would make would be interesting but would it be interesting enough if i was to go outside. Any tips
  14. Joe Brennan

    Vlog I'm looking for someone to do a collab, for lifestyle. i will mention you at the start of the video!

    I will mention the person i collab with in the start of my video asking them to go check out their channel. I do lifestyle videos and vlogging videos. Feel free to check out my content over here at my YouTube channel: @SimplyJoeBrennan
  15. CDavila

    Trying to Re-brand Need Opinions

    On the new year, I started something new with my channel. I started posting 5 videos a week on a schedule...I'm really bad at schedules and I was getting burned out fast. Now I'm trying to switch gears and commit fully to a vlogging format (still trying to keep some elements of what I was doing...
  16. Nicky Furmage

    canon G7X memory card?

    Hi After purchasing this camera at some point i was just wondering what memory i should also purchase, my first use will be a 8 day holiday vlog all HD so whats good these days for speed and space when shooting 1080p 60fps? thanks Nicky
  17. Nanonium

    Vlogging at home?

    Ok so recently I've been thinking about getting into vlogging, but I don't want to show my face and I usually don't go out, so is there a potential to make this interesting? I mean obviously I wouldn't just sit there and do nothing, i would put a twist, but would it be content that could bring...
  18. Toni Bee

    Vlogging Camera

    Hi! So I've been vlogging with a Sony NEX5 but I cannot use that camera anymore. So I wanted to get a new camera for vlogging thats no more than $300. I've been looking at the Canon powershot N2 but I wont be able to get it for a while and there's not much on the market (except for ebay but I...
  19. M


    Hey guys, I am new in this forum and this is my first thread lol. My name is Gina and I live in Germany. Currently I am looking for people to do collabs with. I have a few ideas for funny Youtube challenges so if you are between 14-18 years old (I am 17) and you want to join... just email me...
  20. Dismal Bliss

    The Struggle is Real!

    The STRUGGLE is Real! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Sub2Robert
  21. Justoshow

    Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS - DISAPOINTED!!!!

    So a couple of days ago I purchased a Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS from Walmart aka "Wally World" ha ha. As soon as the wife gets home, I'm taking it back. I am highly disappointed in it. The low quality is really horrible. I should've figured that when I kept seeing reviews outside. I was going...
  22. Dismal Bliss

    The Struggle Is Real..... But You Can Do It!!

    We all face struggles. But we all have the power to overcome it.
  23. Rolz

    Here they are, in all their glory

    Checkout my two yorkies! Love them and hopefully they can make you smile!
  24. KaiCreative

    Other College leaving students 18-19 wanted to VLOG their Uni application / Uni experiences.

    Hey Guys, My client is a leading education authority and are looking for students who are just about to apply to university to VLOG their thoughts and the process. They are looking for someone leaving college applying to university, so 18 or 19 years old. A likeable personality who already...
  25. Alex D

    Vlog East Coast Collab?

    Hey guys, I'm still looking for a collab with someone on the East Coast. If you like vlogging, cars, funny news and you would like to be a guest star. Or anything else that you're interested in let me know, I can come to you or you come to me, I have a couple of great ideas for vlogs and such.
  26. vloggerjoe

    Vlog Need to Collab with an vlogger!!

    About me: Age: 14 Channel Main topic: vlogging and gaming Amount of subs: 1.300+ Ways of contacting me: Skype/ Email/ Twitter Link to channel: VloggerJoe Must Have: -Youtube Account -100+ Subs -Twitter -Skype -Decent Fan base youtube account
  27. Cleo Nash

    Vlog Sacramento/Bay Area Collabs

    Hey! I'm looking for people who are in the bay or sac that are open to collabs! My page is very random, yet has some structure lol. FEEL FREE TO CHECK IT OUT! I'm current living in SF and I am willing to meet in different parts of the bay. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. P.S...
  28. AnayaNation

    Where Do We see YouTube in 5 years?

    Hello Everyone, I would like everyone to voice their opinion and project where they see YouTube in the next five years? YouTube has taken off and it seems like everyone from kids to adults have channels and some with multiple channels...In the next five years how hard will it be to be...
  29. Sven Vee

    Filmmaker/Vlogger Need Feedback! Are My Vids Good Enough?!

    Hey everyone! I would love some feedback on my channel, so I can get an honest couple of tips about what might need improvement. This is both for the content I put out there, as for the more aesthetic aspects of my channel. If you have any tips, they are very very welcome! ^^ Sven
  30. Rolz

    Thoughts on this for vlogging?

    Hi guys, so I used to do primarily gaming videos on my YT channel however I recently did a Vlog and recorded some footage using my iPhone 6s I'm thinking of getting a Canon G7X for vlogs (I will be traveling a lot), it records FHD at 60 FPS and is quite compact (also has a touchscreen on the...