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I have been on YouTube a long time off and on.

I make videos about a multitude of things to do with nerd culture, learning Japanese and I make vlogs. This How to will be short and sweet but I will put a video where i talk about it in more detail at the bottom if you wanna learn more!

Prelude: Now a lot of people seem to think that vlogging is a difficult task. It really isnt that difficult. Granted you are not gonna be a Neistat or anything like that. So pro-tip! Figure out what your passion is and make videos about that plus your vlogs. Think of it like this 2 for them 1 for you, until you have an audience then you can start to flip it more in your favor. Anyway on to the list:

  1. Cameras! It is obvious but you need a camera, get a point and shoot or a DSLR and learn how to use it. OR use your phone!

  2. Equipment! another obvious one and a bit of a money sink; get a tripod and a good SD card (when i say this i mean a sd card with a quality value of 10). AND if you want you can get a mic, not hugely necessary at the beginning though.

  3. where/when to shoot ALL THE TIME AND EVERYWHERE. You do not need to just sit in your room, go outside take inventive shots and walking shots and still shots, there are thousands of different angles and locations. (remember there is no such thing as a boring location just a boring subject made out of that location)

  4. B-roll All vloggers need b-roll, it is a staple of videos nower days. because unfortunately people online get bored so you have to keep them entertained with more than just your sexy voice. get some sick shots in there to keep them watching.

  5. Editing MOST IMPORTANT. The best editors in the world can make a boring lot of footage interesting as hell, and that can be you making the footage you took come alive with a piece of software is incredibly gratifying. I wanna suggest you just go ahead and get yourself Premiere pro since it is the most powerful now. (watch tutorials on how to use it and then just play with it!)
And thats it, the next post I make will be about SEO and how to utilize your tags properly! Much love and keep inspiring yourself! (if you want more detail on this topic watch the video below! )[DOUBLEPOST=1493266711,1493265924][/DOUBLEPOST]So this site wont let me post anything video wise so I guess I cant increase the the detail. Sorry guys.
Thank you for your post! =)

And we do not allow videos to be embedded in the tutorials because it has been heavily abused in the past. But we encourage in-depth tutorials and articles! It helps out other members and guest readers a lot. ^_^
And also I think a great way to learn is to just watch a bunch of other vloggers and see what they do and learn from them
Great advice! I find that also a small tripod helps carry the camera when you're walking as much easier to hold a closed tripod than a camera pointing towards you! Also you don't have to lift it up as much so your arm doesn't hurt as much! Haha.