Vlog Paid Work! We need a vlogger to give up social media for 5 days and film it for an educational video


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Hi Everyone!

We’re in search of a vlogger who’s willing to give up social media for 5 days and vlog about it!

We are Digital Learning Associates and we work with a range of YouTubers and filmmakers and pay to license their content for short educational videos for English language learners...and we're looking for more!

For this video, our ideal vlogger will be:
  • Camera friendly and enthusiastic.
  • Between 18 and 30.
  • A clear English speaker - any accent!
  • Used to working with their own camera and kit which records in HD.
We’ll need to see:
  • An example of your vlogs or video content
  • A video of yourself speaking to camera. If you don’t already have one, record a 30-second clip introducing yourself and talking about why you’d like to vlog this for us!
If vlogging about a social media detox sounds interesting to you please get in touch ASAP. Licence fee to be discussed.
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Good luck in finding that:) Vloggers/influencer or most people in general live to be on social media these days so you are basicly asking them to commit suicide;) Yes I know I´m pushing it to the limit, but it´s not far from the truth. Have a nice weekend:)
I can do this and I lived without social media for ~2 weeks at the end of the last year. Living without social media is not that hard as many people try to believe. Once I was back, I had hundreds if not thousands of unread notifications, but with proper management even that was not a big load.