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Hey guys, brand new to this group. I started my life, travel and fitness-based vlog channel 1 year ago, David Quayle VLOGS, and have uploaded a video every Monday for the last year without missing a single Monday. I have 227 subs and average 130-140 views a video I'd say.

How does this compare to typical new VLOG channels? Is there a way I can grow quicker with real subs? I know vlogging is very hard to grow, but I have been told my content is very good and get positive feedback from many people. Appreciate any and all advice!

Link to my channel:
1 - Have your friend's commenting - Do your friends watch and comment on your vlogs? You have a ton of friends in the vlog but you only have 2 comments on your most recent video. Ask your friends to comment. Maybe ask your friends to reply to random viewer's comments so it starts to build a community. If you and a 3rd person are all interacting with them I believe it would build a stronger community. and this might get new viewers to comment more often and interact with the existing conversation in the comments.

2 - Micro
Trending - Have your friends all watch the video as soon as it releases. If you have 30+ friends all watching your content as soon as it drops (easier said then done lol), it sends a signal to youtube that this is trending on a tiny scale which gets them to push the content to more people including people not yet in your audience.

3 -
Share your videos - Do you share your Youtube channel on your other social media platforms? (IG, Snap, FB, etc?) You could always post teaser in your IG and Snap stories.

3 -
Leverage your friends networks -Let's says your friend is named Jim. If you have a Facebook account (i know Facebook isn't cool anymore lol) and you have tons of friends on the site, you can post a Facebook specific video thumbnail photo of a Jim's face. It can be you and Jim and can be mainly Jim, whatever. Then tag Jim in the photo with the Youtube video link in the info. What that does is push that photo of Jim to all of Jim's friends who will want to see what exactly this video he is in is about. Suddenly, you are tapping in to your friend's, friends network. Next video use another friends face and tag them. So on and so on. It's kind of like collabing but they don't need to have a youtube channel for it to help grow your channel. Obviously, you might want to get your friend permission or else they might get annoyed but my friends never minded when I used to do that. As an added plus you could ask them to say "Hit that subscribe button" in the video since their friend would be a major part of the views for that video.

4 - Collab with other youtubers - This is kind of easier said then done. One way is to see if any of your subs are also youtubers and give them a shout out. They may or may not give you a shout out back.

5 - Tent pole of trending topics - If a lot of people are talking about idk the 200 push up challenge (just making that up now) then you might want to hop on the band waggon as it will be a highly searched term at that moment in time.

5a - you could use a website like and answer questions that a lot of people are asking about. It's kind of like Google auto complete

but I have been told my content is very good and get positive feedback from many people

What people? Your friends? or Random people?
Criticism is worth more than positive feedback. positive feedback is sometime just an echo chamber.
Ask your friend to ask one of their friend who doesn't know you to watch your video and give it honest feedback. Being 1 people removed from the video will allow them to critic it much harder than your friends would.
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Nice looking channel. I have nothing I can offer though. I would just say to keep at what you're doing and good luck. I can see this channel blowing up in terms of views and subs at some point (I've seen channels do this if they have quality content and make the right moves).
Welcome to the forum. Just keep going, you are growing way faster than I did in first year. If things are getting hard then simplify, even if it means quality drop or not doing trendy/hype topics, keep doing what brings you joy & things will improve with time.
What cameras are you using?