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I don't have a vlog camera and my phone has no space (well enough to film longer than 5 minutes) and I was wondering what everyone's personal thoughts were on blogging in public or in general with your dslr camera instead of a simple point and shoot or a simple digital camera. I personally think it would be fine and maybe people might respect your video more than if you used a phone or simple camera, but I wanted more opinions put into this.
I don't see anything wrong with it. I typically (when on vacation) will vlog with my DSLR or SLR cameras myself. People look at you weird sometimes but it does help in the long run when it comes to quality. Plus you could always say your a tourist if anybody asks. =]
The only thing is that DLSRs are pretty big even if you go for one of the smaller lighter models. There are some really really nice point and shoot cameras that do great for vlogging AND sit and talk videos. Like the Sony a5100 16-50mm seems to be a good choice from what ive looked around about vlogging cameras that are also good for sit down videos