1. Kon

    Vlog Any current university students please respond.

    I've made a short video about being a first year university student during 2020 and it is a bit too short so maybe another persons opinion in the video would be good!
  2. ForbidenProdigy

    Multiple Channels vs One Channel

    Just curious of people's opinions on having multiple channels for different things (ie: gaming, vlog, etc) vs just having everything under one channel? Just started thinking about it when I seen Mini Ladd make a second channel for things other than gaming but others like Markiplier just keeps...
  3. GlobalDayz

    Stock Footage considered "Reused Content" ?

    My channel was recently demonetized due to reused content as many other channels were as well to kick off 2019.. YT did not specify exactly what they considered on the channel to be reused so I deleted almost everything. Simply put I wanna resume creating videos but not for free.. I'm trying to...
  4. 3

    Suggestions for youtube channel?

    Hello, Recently I began a music channel where I post various genres of music like trap, ambient music. I would appreciate if somebody could take a look at my Youtube page and provide constructive criticism. If possible please tell me what your opinion is on my content or even what you think of...
  5. ArchBldErnyWard

    Need help with branding & design!

    Hi, I have recently started creating content on YouTube and have loads of ideas for videos. However, I feel that my branding and design due to poor lack of knowledge in these areas hold me back and would appreciate if you could check my channel out and suggest any improvements. Thank you
  6. Brittneytaylorwg

    Vlogging with a dslr? Opinions?

    I don't have a vlog camera and my phone has no space (well enough to film longer than 5 minutes) and I was wondering what everyone's personal thoughts were on blogging in public or in general with your dslr camera instead of a simple point and shoot or a simple digital camera. I personally think...
  7. BullMoose

    Is PUBG suffering from gamer fatigue?

    PUBG viewing numbers have waned, is it gamer fatigue or something else?
  8. Pierre Maynard

    Need an Honest review

    So i have made a second channel, and would like you to review it and what could be improved. This can be anything ranging from, choice of graphics, Quality of content including visual and audio as well as any other little detail that could make the difference. Thank you very much, I appreciate...
  9. BullMoose

    Star Wars Battlefront 2... what have you done!

    Thoughts on SWBF2, from Pay2Win to player progression...
  10. M


    Hello all, hope this is the right category for this question... I want to do a series of workout videos for partner workouts and I wanted to name the series "do you even lift your partner" but I also feel like "do you even lift?" has a negative and almost demeaning connotation to it. What do...
  11. Lamp 64

    Thumbnail Opinion

    I'm in for anything that brings in a dynamic mood. For my first video, when i posted it, i didn't have a custom made thumbnail for it. It seems like a strong thumbnail is what sparks a person's interest towards seeing the video. So i ask the people of yttalk to rate my thumbnail and give me...
  12. MilkingBanana

    Mic choice?

    So on my channel, I post gaming and animation related content in the future for my content and I have this problem that just bugs me from the start of my channel, and it's the fact that I have one of the worst sounding microphones ever made. Now, to be honest, I might exaggerate and possibly...
  13. sequan123

    Best time

    Hey guys tell me the best times you ever had on youtube wether it deals with gamming it could deal with anything.
  14. D

    Too Boring For YouTube?

    Hey everyone. So I've basically abandoned YT Talk for a while and my brain made sure to send a friendly reminder my way. So yeah. Has anyone ever felt "too boring" for YouTube? I feel like almost everyone of YouTube is perky all the time haha. I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness, do you...
  15. B

    Tags/opinions on videos?

    Hey guysssssss Just wanna get you guys opinions on my videos and ask if anyone has ideas for tags on them. I really struggle with choosing accurate + unique tags.... SUGGESTIONS AND OPINIONS!!!! :) MY CHANNEL: Ben Barnett Vlogs Thankssssssss (also tips on my editing work?)
  16. Hashtag10


    Hey guys. Just wanna know what's your opinion on Filmora? Have you try it? Is it good, Is it bad? And why? Thanks. cheers guys.
  17. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming News Show! Great Week!

    So I just had a great week working on my new gaming news show and I wanted to post it SOMEWHERE to brag about how proud I was to pull it off. Check 'em out and learn about what's actually happening in gaming culture!
  18. SnowAspire

    Opinions on Exagerated Personality

    I've notice (as I'm sure you all have) that all big youtubers use an exagerated personality, whether it be minor or extreme. I see this from streamers like Ali-A, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. What do you think about using an exagerated personality as opposed to the person you really are? I ask...
  19. Pluto

    Whats your most & least favourite thing about YT and why?

    Title says it all really! Just interested in everyone's opinions. Personally my favourite thing is the community, at its strongest, it can really influence a lot of stuff :) My least favourite thing is trying to grow a small channel, its unrewarding and tough. If you do it, I suppose it's worth...

    Younger people with massive channels

    so what do you think of these? I just saw a 12 year old with a 900K channel which is absolutely crazy! Well done to him right? But it does make me think, if I can do that why haven't I been able to do that Honestly makes me want to work harder! What's your opinion of this?
  21. Jonatan Moser

    Review my YT profile picture and channel graphic

    Hi there! Lately I have been trying to catch the perfect expression for my channel through my channel graphic and profile picture. Now I am finally beginning to feel that I've found that, even though both instances are actually snapshots from some of my music videos. I would highly appreciate...
  22. theAchilless

    Opinion of Achilles

    Yo! I've started a new YouTube channel and started uploading also. I think my videos are off to a good start, but I would love the opinion of other people. If you could, please look at my channel and tell me your opinion of what is good, bad, and what could be improved. Be blunt and be honest...
  23. H

    Is the youtube community supportive enough??

    I was reading some comments on bigger channels such as WillNE and others and saw a good percentage of the comments were always something negative and unneeded, I understand people will always hate but I will ask this... Do YOU feel the youtube community is supportive enough? by that I mean...
  24. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How many subscriber do you have?

    Hello best friends, I just want to ask you guys how many subscriber do you have (Till Now) & what's you goal by the end of 2016?? Currently I'm on my 73 subs & my goal by the end of this year is 200 subs.Let me know yours in the comment's section!! Thanks a lot :) [Follow forum rules-No...
  25. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Post Your Best Strategy!!

    Hello best friends, As you see on the title just post your best strategy for anything related to YouTube (EX:gain subs,get more views etc).So if each of us post our best strategy for YouTube we can easily find all the best strategy for YouTube in one post.That's really hep us to grow.Let's grow...
  26. Z

    New youtuber and dont know how to start..?

    Why wont it let you link your youtube video here it namkes no sense? I feel like the point of this site is to help ppl make better videos and how are we suppose to do that when we cant even let other people watch them.. maybe theres something I could link but for now I dont know. Here's my...
  27. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Why Is It Hard To Get Your First 100 Subscribers??

    Hello best friend, I heard that getting your first 100 subscriber on YouTube is the hardest part to get.So do you agree with this topic??If you than why??.....let me know your opinion about this topic via comment section (Join the poll) Thanks a lot :)
  28. ItsOriginalToMe

    Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?

    So Im looking for a few new youtube channels to subscribe to so I was wondering what are your favorite youtubers? Mine are Nigahiga, JacksGap, dicasp, Shaytards, and CTFxC What are yours?
  29. jjwickings


    A couple of years ago I quit tumblr, and recently I've felt ready to really talk about why. So why not vlog about it?
  30. xBlazingStar94x

    Does YouTube give you confidence & help you grow as a person?

    I ask this because it gave me a little bit more confidence but also a lot of people find comfort in the community. The amount of people that have used YouTube to talk about their life stories is incredible, in my personal opinion. I am making this thread to read some of your stories and...