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Hello all, hope this is the right category for this question... I want to do a series of workout videos for partner workouts and I wanted to name the series "do you even lift your partner" but I also feel like "do you even lift?" has a negative and almost demeaning connotation to it.

What do you guys think?
Maybe take out the word "even" so it reads "Do you lift?" Something like that could work if you're going for a shorter and catchy title. Or "Want to lift?" is the only other short title coming to to recap here's what comes to my mind as alternatives:

1. Do you lift your partner?
2. Can you lift your partner?
3. Want to lift your partner?
4. Come lift with us.

I dunno, but keep on brainstorming. I hope I was able to open your mind up more. Best of luck! =]
Well, like I said this is just the name for the workout series. The video title would be different (sorry if title on this post was a bit misleading)
Okay. In terms of your title, you may want to think about who your viewer is. Is it a workout that targets younger girls? Or is it one that you'd like to appeal to all age groups? I could see older women getting turned off by that title, because as you say it could be taken negatively. I think a lot of older women who are on YouTube looking for workouts are a little intimidated because they either are new to fitness or haven't exercised in a while, so you want to try a more inviting and encouraging title. But I'm a guy, so my opinion should be taken lightly.
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You don't add keywords to your titles?
This SO important... I did NOT do this at all when I first uploaded my videos and it was a BIG mistake. In the beginning I thought it would be best with a funny/catchy title bu that is wrong. Search for good titles using tubebuddy and if the titles are imposible to rank on go for the next best.. This way your videos will be found by people who actually search for the topic your video is about,,
I would fill your title with searchable/trendy keywords first. Then after you have a decent following focus on building a community. Good luck!