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  1. skagenstats

    Feedback on my first tutorial series

    I am looking to see if my tutorial series labeled "YouTube Marketing Series" (there is a playlist under my channel) is easy to understand for beginners looking to grow their own channels. Is the information descriptive enough? Do the videos interest non-subscribers based on the content...
  2. M


    Hello all, hope this is the right category for this question... I want to do a series of workout videos for partner workouts and I wanted to name the series "do you even lift your partner" but I also feel like "do you even lift?" has a negative and almost demeaning connotation to it. What do...
  3. Quick Question

    The KassemG Effect - Stick With Success or Move Around?

    Hey everyone, Not sure if you are all familiar with KassemG or not but he was a pretty prominent YouTuber a couple years ago who pioneered, or at least was a big influence, on this new wave of candid interviews with people on the street. He dubbed this series "California On _____" where he...
  4. MitchellH

    Vlog Collab for a series of videos

    Hey I'm looking for a collaboration with someone in the travel section to join me in a video series called travel talk where we discuss travel experiences and tips. A few ways we can do this is via Skype, google hangouts or record your own footage answering questions
  5. W

    Ideas or a serious for gaming videos??

    Hey guys so I recently started a YouTube gaming channel, I have uploaded a few good videos I am getting views but not enough content for people to SUBSCRIBE! Could u guys please help me come up with an idea for a gaming series (not walk through's of games, so many people do that)! Or ideas for...