The KassemG Effect - Stick With Success or Move Around?

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Hey everyone,

Not sure if you are all familiar with KassemG or not but he was a pretty prominent YouTuber a couple years ago who pioneered, or at least was a big influence, on this new wave of candid interviews with people on the street.

He dubbed this series "California On _____" where he brings up a random topic and talks to people on the street about it. He did this series nonstop for many years and raked in millions and millions of views. Recently he hasn't done this at all and if he does make another one it's like once a month or every other month. Basically he's just stopped making them and done other interview stuff disconnected from the whole "California On ____" series. And his channel has suffered from it. Only getting a couple thousand views instead of millions like before.

What I want to get your take on is if you have multiple video series' going on but only one of them ends up going viral should you only make that one series from then on, even if it basically eliminates all the other stuff you enjoy doing? Basically, is it worth it to stop all the other stuff you like doing for just one particular series that is doing well?

I would love to know your thoughts, thanks.