Ideas or a serious for gaming videos??


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Hey guys so I recently started a YouTube gaming channel, I have uploaded a few good videos I am getting views but not enough content for people to SUBSCRIBE!
Could u guys please help me come up with an idea for a gaming series (not walk through's of games, so many people do that)!

Or ideas for any future videos!
Most of my friends that I wanna play with and get funny moments aren't on when I am so I can't do that!

Thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it a lot!
Unfortunately we can't do that for you! You just gotta find that thing that you want to do so much that its worth the effort of making it.

I feel like core of any creative endeavor should always be what do you want to add to the world? If you focus solely on what other people want, you just be like everyone else.
Don't expect to get excellent idea for nothing because any invented idea is the main key factor to grow up your bussiness, so just rely on your efforts and try to make a brain storming to come up with unique idea and using imagination is very important. You could think about what most gamer are looking for and try to think on how to attract them. you can even go deeply into sub-specialization.

i general, you should do what you like to do and so your choice should based in that.
Me I got tons of ideas but I still have no funds to start out hehe. Although I made a plan of how my programs will be and who my potential market will be, I still waiting for my webcam and mic to come to me. Hehe. So while waiting I'm trying to get the feel on how YouTube is working. Been researching w/ what to prepare and what to start with like designing my intro. Making an avatar. Trying to learn be creative.