1. B

    I am looking for some specific type of videos

    Hi all I need some help pls. I am in the process of editing a short funny bit and i need a little part from a video. Let me explain Example: There are those short videos, funny made that for example they play with a ball and all of a sudden the ball is thrown at the camera and it jumpscares u...
  2. S

    Short Film Ideas For Short Films

    Currently i am trying to make a short film but i haven't ideas. I don't know what to film. So could you help me and tell me a few ways to find creative ideas.
  3. PhysicsFreak101

    Can I have some feedback on some video ideas?

    I have a couple of video ideas that I would like some feedback on, and if anyone spots any idea that might cause problems for my channel it would be greatly appreciated that you respond with any issues or recommendations you have! Here are my ideas : 1) My own Anime Opening: I was thinking that...
  4. Rad


    I recently posted a DIY Christmas decor, but I want to do more christmas videos in order to attract more audience during this time of the year. Any ideas or suggestions? What's trending?
  5. LCGaming

    Request New Banner

    Hello everyone, currently we are trying to redesign our YouTube channel banner. We were hoping that we could get some ideas from you guy on how we could switch it up and improve it. I will attach our current banner to this thread just so you guys see kind of the look we are going for. If you...
  6. Kyonite

    YTtalk Podcast?

    So, I've had this stirring in my head for a while now, and my schedule is wonky so there's no way I could possibly make this work on a consistent schedule. I've been thinking about having a couple of defining members of the forum start a podcast and sometimes they're just all together and...
  7. BrettTaylorYT


    how do you stay motivated to make videos? I feel I have a bunch of ideas all at once so I make a bunch of videos and it’s great! But then I go through almost a dry spell I guess. Where I don’t get anything and don’t film anything. How do you have that be constant...? I’m worried I’ll become too...
  8. A

    New Channel New Ideas!!!

    Hello guys! Im here to create a discussion about new ideas that people should do about comedy or with skits! Any ideas will be looked at and I myself may recreate them and tag you, your yt or you name! Goodluck and have fun!
  9. TheDubaiNetwork

    5 Best Ideas for Making Videos

    5 Best Ideas for Making Videos Best Video means which is interesting and people want to watch and like and share so this is the best So Famous Topic on Internet is Pranks Makeup Tutorial Like Hacks Experiment Best Vlog Like MO Vlog and Fouseytube and Other Drawings for Kids Learning
  10. M

    100 Subscriber celebration ideas

    Hello I just got 100 subs and I would like to know what I could do to celebrate 100 subs Little about my channel on my channel, I do animal videos and sometimes other videos like art and gaming ....I would like to do something animal related but I'm not sure what to do? If you have...
  11. SorryNoTitle

    STUPID Incredibly Funny IDEAS/Scripts Required!

    Hey Guys, I'm Nate, and I require some real funny scripts for my YouTube Channel, as I Have Only Just Hit 1K Subscribers; and I want some major content on it. So it would be really great if y'all can shoot me some ideas (clean ones tho). You can either message me here, or else via the ancient...
  12. darksmokeyt

    Types of videos that can be made using only blank paper

    I recently took a break from YouTube (mostly due to school keeping me busy), but am looking at alternates to my current genre. I'm hoping to shift to content that can be filmed entirely indoors using only a piece of paper and camera, or a screen recorder. I've only come up with a few content...
  13. J

    Shoot me some cool adventurous youtube ideas

    So im a vlogger, And i as wondering what you guys would be interested in. what I like doing is adventurous stuff for example- exploring abandon buildings hiking going to isolated beaches making family vlogs making vlogs of myself and my goals making random question vlogs like ( why do girls like...
  14. Samira


    I hope I am in the right part of the forum. Hey I am Samira I have been thinking about adding a new segment to my channel but I am unsure about the direction. At the moment I do monthly favorites, monthly design (I give myself a design project every month. However many have been asking for a...
  15. Melee Vida

    Commentary Collab with me, 10 minutes Podcast, I have 6k subs.

    Hello, My names Melissa I am 19yrs old and I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing a collaboration. Something were we will brake down a story, subject or idea, fad or phenomenon, just about anything, and we will talk from all perspectives. I need someone who is interesting has...
  16. Dado216

    Loosing video ideas

    I’m really not thinking of anything good that will get the people watching like as in creative skits or just content in general which is the Main thing I do I made my channel into a gaming/skit and vlog channel but I don’t know if that’s good could anyone help me
  17. M

    Music for Workout Videos?

    Hey everyone, I have been making my workout videos with music from the Youtube Audio Library and I'm getting so tired of using the same sounds over and over again, but they are very limited. I need ideas for good workout music (no copyright, obviously) I want something fun and upbeat but not...
  18. SoccerBrosTv

    Short Film Movie

    SoccerBrosT is making a Short Film about Soccer. Since it's October, we want to make an insane 5-10 min Scary Movie episode. We just need ideas to help us out... Anyone have ideas?! Please help out... *We want to make this Season 1 with 5 episodes!!!**
  19. M

    Need Video Ideas

    I need video ideas for my gaming channel and mostly for my animal channel. I really want Halloween ideas!
  20. Jiri82pi

    How to make money on my high traffic channel when adsense does not make money

    OK,.. The question is simple how to make money on my channel which has almost 100k views per day. Adsense does not work because the theme of my videos is probably not interesting to advertisers. Some ideas?
  21. bluidguy

    My "Setup"

    I record game play on an Xbox One S, which than gets uploaded to onedrive (downloaded back to computer, than uploaded to YouTube once I'm done editing. I use Audacity for audio recording and a mix of Movie Maker (which I am working to move away from due to it's limitations) & HitFilm Express...
  22. Jules Askalotl

    I Need Help with How to Approach this Video.

    Okay, I have an animal channel and like most animal channels, I am also vegetarian. I want to do a video about being vegetarian since I have never mentioned it, but I feel like because of the stigma around vegans and vegetarians, I will instantly lose subs quick. I have been vegetarian all my...
  23. R

    I need more YouTube video ideas!

    Hi guys. I'm a really new youtuber right now and I'm running out of ideas! I just started YouTube and I make videos about a little bit of everything how to's, gaming, music, and YouTube stuff like editing and thumbnails + more. Any of those things in that area would be nice. Thank you!
  24. Orangeguy587

    Short Film Series Ideas?

    Hello all! I have some questions about making a short film series. I don't really have any fresh ideas for a series that I can make. I am extremely limited on resources and actors so I do not know other series I can do. Any suggestions? I know this is a tough topic, but any help is appreciated.
  25. Rory Hollinshead

    University Channel Ideas

    Hi everyone ! So come september im starting university and im thinking of starting a vlog/ videos about university to bring value to people who are going to be starting uni in the years to come and may other bits and bobs like challenge videos and pranks etc. Kind of a channel thats a little...
  26. M

    Personal IG vs business IG?

    Hey everyone, When I first started my YouTube account I was using my personal Instagram to promote and share my videos.. Now that I have more subscribers and followers I realized I made a mistake and I should've started a separate account. My friends don't follow me to see my YT posts and my...
  27. World Of Brad

    Quesions or topics for (Bad) advice video?

    I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place lol but I was wondering if anyone had some interesting topics or questions that I'd be able to address in an advice sort of video. I'd be making all the advice pretty bad on purpose though so the topics can be serious or jokey aha Thanks :)
  28. blacktigerpride

    New Youtube Trends?

    Does anyone know a YouTube trend that isn't just a rip-off from another one? Maybe a challenge or something I could do with a friend? My brain is fried at the moment and i can't think of anything on the top of my head.
  29. Brix

    Making OverWatch Custom Games

    Hey guys, i'm Birk, nice to see you. Me and my friends are making a new OverWatch series. However, i don't want it to be like every other funny moments series. That's why i want to make custom games with fun gamemodes for a different experience to make it unique. I'm wondering if any of you had...
  30. Jake103

    Gta Trailer

    *If you get confused while reading this please just say what's confusing instead of not replying please.* Alright so I want to say that I'm on Xbox one and my gamertag is amazingaming5. I have a microphone and I recently started making a trailer with my friend. Now before I say anything about...