1. S

    In Need For a Review of the "New" Channel!

    Hi guys! I kinda recently made a channel called, Stoveron. I was looking for some feedback to see what I could improve upon. I was looking for feedback on anything and everything, such as channel art, videos, thumbnails, commentary, etc. Thank you for the time :) (NOTICE: I TOOK A BREAK DUE TO...
  2. Michael Lebert

    Q&A/Advice/Story YouTube Channel Idea: Good or Bad? Tips?

    I came up with this idea,but know a lot of people do this. I'm no psychologist or nothing like that even though I try learning about that stuff. I like to inspire and help people since it makes me happy making others happy. I also have had a lot of experiences of different things so I could have...
  3. javacentral

    Videos about coffee ideas?

    So I've made videos about coffee killing people, coffee in different countries, reviewing coffee, and mixing gross stuff in coffee. I'm open to expanding on these ideas already but I'm open to any other ideas for a video that I haven't thought of yet.
  4. Kolbee Squire

    Any video ideas?

    I only have a internal webcam which is low quality, a laptop, and a green screen. Any ideas are welcome just keep what I have in mind.
  5. Kolbee Squire

    Comedy Collab from the comforts of your home?

    The biggest thing about collabs is that most people feel the need to actually travel to do a collab. I have alternative ways of doing a collab over the internet... I have funny collab ideas, and I am open to ideas. let me know if you are interested. No requirements other than knowing how to use...
  6. Altairsfriend

    What is your creative process?

    From getting a idea, to recording, to Editing and finally uploading. How do you do it it? Perhaps we can learn from each other!
  7. KiddieToysReview

    How do you plan your videos?

    Howdy Y'all, As an overall strategy to plan your future videos, what do you do? Do you plan out 1-5 videos, or 10-20 videos out front? Do you plan based on a overall topic for all your videos, or specific playlists with highly related content? Do you do "1 off" videos that don't ft your other...
  8. Ruxi

    Beauty/Makeup outfits collab?

    i want to make a collab for an celebrity inspired outfits video. Anyone? My channel is: Careless Ruxi
  9. AM2PM

    Twin versus Twin ideas

    Hey guys, My twin brother and I compete against each other in our videos. We have 5 videos right now and a few more coming. The basic premise is to determine how alike and different we are. I'm going for kind of a mythbusters feel with some comedy. I'm looking for ideas that will not only be...
  10. M. B. Harkins

    How Do I Say "Thank You"?

    So, my channel has been growing at an insanely fast rate. It's actually quite hard for me to keep up with it! I was going to make a 100 subscriber "thank you" video - but the next thing I knew, it was already at 200! It's hard to keep up with these milestones, and to keep saying thank you. So...
  11. xDrizy

    YouTube Upload Idea List. HELP

    Everyone I Have a Nice Active Channel And I Love Posting Video's But I've Been Running Out Of Idea's For Video's. What Do You Like To See In A YouTuber As Of Content Wise?
  12. javacentral

    New End Card (Outro)?

    So I've been thinking, I could really use a new outro. My current one is like a chalkboard on a dark wood background with my video link on the top left with Subscribe! written underneath and my social media sites on the right. The text is kinda chalk looking too. I'm thinking of keeping the same...
  13. Nhalez

    Video Block?

    now I haven't ran into this problem yet but I hear a lot about it. A lot of content creators I have spoken with have told me how they have all these brilliant ideas but sometimes they use all of them and are left with video block or (Running out of video ideas). How do you personally fix this...
  14. josephcarson0

    Sooo I Had An Idea..

    I have this idea for facebook kinda like a group where everyone shares content on THERE OWN personal facebook to help each other grow.. Good idea? if you have any ideas please share them, I would love to hear from you!
  15. DarkBolt

    Videogame Channel Ideas

    I am starting a new channel that will feature: videogame reviews, movie reviews, life stories, vlogs, skits, etc. I need some ideas to talk about during the videos. I usually record gameplay of an Android or PC game and talk about anything from life stories to videogame reviews. I need some...
  16. Bow2WildChicken

    Hey guys! I would love some feedback over my channel!

    Naturally, i know i need more personalized banner art, and logo. But content, layout, and design are what i would like feedback for! Be as honest as possible, because being straight forward will tell me exactly what i need to change/work on! Thanks guys!
  17. Rita-Marie Hartford

    Beauty/Makeup Do you wanna have a Collaboration?

    Hello! Thanks so much for giving me a click! So I have been at this youtube game a little over a year and a few months. I love it. I love everything about it. I have a beauty look posted every Friday, and a Vlog on Wednesday (Two uploads a week is a challenge for myself). Anyways, I would love...
  18. doktornpro

    Interesting + Unique video ideas

    Alright, I am gonna make this short, well kind of short. I am planning to start a new series where I talk about different topics and news. I am searching for any interesting things I can comment on, videos, articles or whatever else. I am searching for things I don't agree with that I can...
  19. KillG

    BEST Idea For A New YouTube Channel!!!!

    Hey guys, I've been wondering if you guys have any ideas for a new youtube channel. I recently changed my channel type from 'gaming' to 'entertainment'. I have deleted ALL the vids that are on my channel and want to start fresh. I fyou guys/girls could tell me what YOU like to see on youtube...
  20. Rita-Marie Hartford


    So, I am thinking about uploading a few more times than just once. What are the tricks that you all love to do? How do you plan your videos? I normally get a few ideas and run with it or whatever is popular. Also, any tips for uploading more than once a week? I wanna start uploading at...
  21. KaiCreative

    Iron Man special effects video

    So I recently attended comic con and met up with a longstanding friend and cosplayer who has recently put together the most amazing Iron man suit - took six months to build has moving helmet plate, missile arm and jet pack boosters!! All the bells and whistles!! So I asked him if he would be...
  22. Conight

    Comedy Pushin' the boat out \(O.O)/

    Hey ok so I loved working on collaboration content, you gain diversity in characteristics between youtubers in videos, learn a variety of new skills and techniques from your collaboration partner and exchange some viewership. Not to mention, make new friends ^^ Because of all the positives...
  23. Djams

    I want feedback on my channel and video structure!

    Hi guys! I'm a vlogger and would like some feedback on my channel. Does it look good or is something missing? Are the intro/ outro necessary or should I just start up every video in its own way? Also should I think about how long my videos are and maybe shorten or lengthen my videos? Maybe...
  24. Kxmier

    Gaming Anyone want to collab for funny moments videos (Ps4 - Rainbow Six Siege)

    Search up my youtube channel - Kxmier Current subs - 52 Current views - 514 I'm a 15 yr old gamer that is looking for funny people that have mics (no s****y mics) and have at-least 50 or more subs to collaborate, I'm not trying to collab with some little kids doing YouTube squeaking.
  25. UnitedF1HD

    How do you come up with your video ideas?

    What do u guys do to come up with ideas? what stages do you pass through? how long? E.T.C... For me Most of my ideas come from when i am sleeping and when im watching other vids. I Write them up in a word document and when i need ideas i just look through it and pick out the ones i need/want.
  26. That BioMechanical Dude

    Being productive with a lot of ideas

    I have a lot of ideas... All the time. The thing about my mind is that it needs to be constantly occupied... And even when it is, I get all these different creative ideas, a lot of which are worth exploring. Ideas about videos, about stories, drawings, music, etc. When I get an idea, I also get...
  27. Yusef472

    Honest opinion needed...

    Hey! In August 2015 I decided to take my passion for science to the next level by creating an educational science channel. Between now and then I have only posted two videos so I know I should be uploading more often but apart from that I'm struggling to see what else needs to improve. When I...
  28. resvrgm

    What Top 8 Crazy Things You Want To Know?

    Hello! My channel is called RESVRGM, and I upload 8 Crazy Facts every Monday. I had posted 8 Crazy Things Said By Politicians, and 8 Movies That Killed People. Next monday, I'm going to post something something about the Game Of Thrones! :dance: Well, I am just wondering, if any of you got...
  29. MrDXZ

    In need of artistic ideas...

    Hey guys, my name is Zach, AKA MrDXZ, and I'm a Chatroulette/Omegle YouTuber who is trying to come back after a one year hiatus. Well, I realized my channel needs some work done to it before I put up any videos. For starters, I need a Chatroulette video overlay/frame for my videos. I have an...
  30. KanesThoughts

    Upping my Daily Vlog Game, can i get some feedback?

    Hey Fam, So Recently i decided to get tickets to vidcon and im Daily Vlogging now as well, they're short, edited videos that go up everyday at 6 AM (gmt) and i would love some feedback on them! thanks and much love! Enjoy!