1. C

    Vlog Ideas?

    Hi! I'm planning on starting up my vlog channel soon but I don't have any ideas! Does anyone have any? If so, please reply with any you might have! It would help a lot!
  2. ProfessionalRik

    Increased Popularity Outside Home Region

    I've noticed that I'm more popular in other parts of the world than in the States. Not complaining; just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if anyone can think of a way I can build on this potential fan-base. Back when I was on twitch regularly, my most active follower was...
  3. The Travelling Book

    Looking for YouTubers to take part in our Travelling Book Project

    Hi all, So this is at it's heart just a bit of fun, but it will be interesting to see where the idea goes and will hopefully produce some interesting content along the way. We have recently created 'The Travelling Book' project and are looking for YouTubers who would like to get involved by...
  4. Flufflesthefluffy

    Minecraft Speed Build Topics?

    Hello hello my friends. I'm starting a new Minecraft speed building series on the xbox360 on my channel and I need topics! I encourage you to be broad and vague with your topics! Things that will let creativity flow! Not something like "Build Pikachu!" but instead maybe "Build Pokemon." Make...
  5. Fox Beat

    What kind of slideshow video should i made?

    Dear you guy's I have a question like mentioned on this thread title, can you help me please?! Somebody tell me that a photo slide video is also a great choice for a beginner. But I'm confused, what kind of photo slide / slideshow video should I made? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for...
  6. QuestinBooty

    Which content would you want to see?

    Hello guys! I have been trying to make up my mind about starting a YouTube channel once again and I just don't know... I have started a channel and uploaded some videos almost exactly one year ago. I've stopped because of some personal issues. Now I've got the time to do it again and would...
  7. Ralph Mickey

    I Have Ideas - Not Answers

    Over the past 25+ years I have led a very reactive lifestyle. Which means that instead of setting goals, I have dealt with whatever situations have come my way without an overall plan. This has allowed me to practice coming up with ideas to get out of whatever situation I was in at the time...
  8. shanesmaineshop

    What makes a good channel icon

    I am always trying to figure out what would be a good channel icon. I do videos on all kinds of stuff but mostly how to and I just cant seem to come up with a good pic for my icon. Any ideas? thanks
  9. G

    Nintendo Switch Video Ideas

    Ok bois I need ideas. Im trying to make a funny/comedy video about the nintendo switch, so if you all can give me some inspiration that would be awsome!
  10. Becca Rhoades

    First YouTube Ideas?

    Hi, I'm Becca Rhoades. I've wanted to start a channel for literally ever and now I am taking the steps. I need help figuring out a first video. I know it doesn't have to be perfect, but I want it to catch eyes. Please help!
  11. Matthew Autry

    Any Video Ideas??

    I am a vlogger, and i did really well in the first few months, then i hit a wall where i didnt want to create the same content over and over. You know?? get some variety in my channel. Anyone have any ideas??? Much Thanks, Matthew Autry
  12. Nanonium

    Vlogging at home?

    Ok so recently I've been thinking about getting into vlogging, but I don't want to show my face and I usually don't go out, so is there a potential to make this interesting? I mean obviously I wouldn't just sit there and do nothing, i would put a twist, but would it be content that could bring...
  13. Alex Tyler

    What works best for you?

    I've been doing YouTube for about a year and I'm starting to run out of ideas Plus the ones I do think of aren't doing as well as the videos I've previously made because I am either rushed or I'm just making videos for the sake of it I was wondering if any of you have had the same problem? If so...
  14. Aaron Mendoza

    Advice to help me get back in it?

    I used to grind out videos of trickshotting Content in black ops 2 and Call of Duty in general so much... It helped me get to 1k. Then i had to really focus on school and i went inactive... Now Call of Duty community has changed if i trickshot it's not as special anymore. This was when FaZe 5...
  15. Kade2110

    100 Sub Special Ideas??

    Hey everyone, so I recently just achieved my small goal of hitting 100 subs, and now I want to do something really cool for all my supporters, so what is a cool, fun idea to do for the 100 Sub Celebration video? All ideas are great, thank you! :)
  16. Kade2110

    Need Video Ideas!

    Hey guys, on my channel, I am starting to run out of some quick come up video ideas, because my daily schedule is so busy I haven't been able to upload because I don't have any ideas, then it becomes too late. Are there any cool ideas I could do so that I can get back on my daily upload...
  17. Michael Lebert

    First Video Idea, Many Video Ideas.

    I bought a few things to start making YT videos until I can afford better equipment I have a cheap microphone and cheap tripod off ebay. I have a iphone 5 for video. My computer crashed so it needs to be fixed (even though i need to really get a good new computer) I HAVE A ISSUE I keep avoiding...
  18. H

    Can AnyOne Gives Me Some ideas?!

    Hello im New youtuber i need some ideas about my channel i dont have a lot of views my channel about comedy fails in french language this is my channel url
  19. OniMarku

    What do you look for in a YouTuber?

    So I love making content, I do LoL vids and right now a lets play Outlast, I enjoy every second even tho Outlast scares me all most to death lol, what do you want in a YouTuber?
  20. CrimsartHD

    Need ideas for a text based speedpaint video!

    Hey, so I have trouble finding ideas to do my speedpaint video's about, was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could do for my speedpaint videos. I would like to keep all my speedpaint videos of me painting people their requests or job's I was given by them. Like a banner or avatar...
  21. everill

    Gaming video Ideas

    A lot of people game and a lot of people do youtube so why not throw out some good ideas for gamers and their videos. So here is a short list i have in mind feel free to use them: -Of course gameplays - reviews on your favourite games - top list of games you enjoy - weekly free game...
  22. Tuurngait Gaming

    Should smaller YouTubers make their videos shorter?

    Hello I'm Tuurngait! So I've been wondering... should small YouTubers make their videos shorter than usual? My thoughts behind this are: Less people will be watching your content, so if you keep it at a short range of 5-8 or so minutes, a person new to your channel might be more tempted to...
  23. AliKat

    Which game should I play?? [ASAP]

    Just got an Elgato Capture card for my PS4, and I'm not sure which game to do an LP on. I need to record tonight as I won't have time over the next few days, so I really need help choosing as all the games are the same to me. The choices are Bloodborne Until Dawn The Last of Us Witcher III Dark...
  24. GeniePurple

    Thinking about my channel! Happy but Stuck in few things

    Hello dudes \m/ I been wondering about this for a few days and i trying to understand it but my head can't get around it for some reason.. Ok i make contents every Once a week as i work at 9 to 7 everyday. Cool i got 45 cool awesome subs you dudes but i can't seem to get around how i...

    What should I do when I reach 100 subs

    So if you've seen my channel I sung shake it off for 50 subs! And of course it was embarrassing as all hell! But I need to beat that for 100 so can you guys give me ideas?
  26. QueenGabriella

    Next Video Suggestions?

    Hey homies! I need some suggestions for my next video. For those of you who don't know what my channel's about (yes, yes you), I'm a YouTube musician. So throw at me some song ideas; I'd just love to know what you guys want to hear c: I'll even shout out to you if I pick your song. Don't be...
  27. Maarij Bashir

    How do you incorporate "trends" in your videos?

    I make music videos for my channel and I just wonder how do I incorporate trends in my videos? I know I could do a cover, but doing covers seems to be so saturated. Like if a big artist releases a song everyone starts doing a cover. Any ideas?
  28. javacentral

    Got bad feedback on this video but nothing helpful. Ideas?

    So reddit gave me tons of flack on this video. Maybe it's because this isn't a legit cappuccino and the title has 'cappuccino' in it? The recipe is actually half decent (cuz I drank it after and it was actually really good). Any other ideas?
  29. javacentral

    Halloween video about coffee?

    I'm really wanting to make a video about halloween or something scary but I've learned that's kind of tough when your videos are about coffee. Any ideas?
  30. M

    1000+ views, in disbelief

    Hey YT-ers :) I've just uploaded a thank you video because I received over 1000 views on my videos, and I've passed the 10 subscriber mark! I opened my channel about 2 months ago and the feedback has been truly amazing... Any suggestions on keeping my new subscribers and viewers interested...